Light scratch on hardware.......HELP

  1. I removed one of my bags today from it's sleeper. I haven't carried it in a year and as I was moving my items into it I noticed a couple of light scratches on the hardware. Does anyone have suggestions for removing these scratches? The hardware is metal and again they scratches are light and there are only three or four of them. Aside from those scratches the bag is brand new, no wear interior or exterior.

    I did try some silver cleaner that I use on my serving pieces. No luck. Maybe a metal polish that is meant to remove light scratches would work.
  2. I usually swipe alcohol over the hardware (works on jewelry too). If they're superficial scratches, they should wipe off. Hope this helps!
  3. I tried that but it didn't work. I guess it's really not a surface stratch but rather a light scratch. It's not deep but it's not surface. :sad: I did order the remover. Works on jewelry and watch crystals and a lot of other stuff. Seems to be a product used heavily in the watch industry. We'll see when it gets here.
  4. did you ever figure out how to get the scratches ou? did the remover work?