Light pink inclusion GM bracelet at valley fair.

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  1. Didn't know if anyone was looking for this, but know these are hard to find, so I thought I would mention it :smile:
  2. Oh! I saw the rose PM there like 2 weeks ago and when a PF member called like 3 days later, they were told it was gone :sad:

    Interesting how they have these older pieces popping up here and there!
  3. Thanks for the info, Mary. Did you go to VF today? :graucho:
  4. thanks twinkle,

    On phone to them now!

    keep fingers crossed for me.
  5. ^ good luck!!
  6. Oh, good luck, the pink is gorgeous.
  7. Good luck, Loopy!
  8. They said they had it and I asked to purchase it and they put me on hold only to come back and tell me somebody had already held it with their cc# :crybaby: - so unless they decide against it I'll keep searching
  9. Good luck Loopy!

    I am going to Valley Fair in about an hour...I hope there are some Pomme Inclusions left! :nuts:
  10. I just called the 866 number and the rep told me there're 2 left in the country. Maybe you can find out where the other one is?
  11. Yah, call the 866 number and have them search for you and just do a charge send.
  12. Have fun, Lulu!
  13. Thank-you for that and I have just called them but the rep said they are showing none now
  14. Yep! Saw the rivets...not for me, love the pockets and 'build'...but not all the rivets and stitching.
  15. I called for you, some other tPF must have beat you, I talked to one of the managers and there was a p,\hone order for it...literaly about 5 minutes before you, she said!