Light pink hobo ends in 5 hrs!!Current bid:$290.00

  1. Purse faded and LIGHTLY SHEDDING. :wtf: is lightly shedding? Is this the problems that Balenciaga is talking about with these bags?
  2. I will be sitting watching it when its ending. For some reason I really like the bag and I will send it out to be reconditioned...if I win it that is. With my luck I will be in the bathroom or something and miss it...typical me.
  3. Save her Donna. That poor bag needs a new owner that loves her. For that price, worth it to have it repaired. Good luck. Put a snipe on it if you are going to be busy! :yes:
  4. ^ hehe, i am watching the same bag! although with my lack of funds, i'll probably have to let you win ;)
  5. honestly girls, do you think its worth it really? I have been looking at this bag for days. Just love the color. (well when its clean I will) How high would you go on it ???
  6. It depends on if the ink stain can be removed. It is pretty big and right on the front of the bag. I usually set a price that I am willing to pay, then go do whatever I have to do. I don't do bidding wars, it just drives the price up and you end up paying more than you intended. If it is a rare, one of a kind antique or something like that, I might watch the auction and step in at the end if I know my snipe isn't going to be high enough.
  7. How do you fix "shedding"? THis may be a first for this forum, but I am going to say it . . . wouldn't you rather have a coin purse or make up bag?
  8. THATS IT! A COIN PURSE! Thanks pursemania, I will let this one pass, and buy myself a little accessory maybe...maybe. ooohhh, a new makeup bag. I am just addicted to them! what color? hmmm, decisions, I better call Joseph at Balny first thing tomorrow...oh happy day! dancing around the room, not a pretty picture. yikes.
  9. I know your weakness . . .
    Keep me posted on the makeup bag - ;)
  10. Closed at a great price. I think that was a calcaire. What do you think?
  11. it was a Calcaire. I was gonna do $400 so I wouldnt have won it anyway. Congrats to whoever got it! We wanna see pictures after it comes back from the makeover!