Light pink/blush leather jacket?

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    Anyone has one? How versatile is it?

    ETA: I bought a Kenna-T blush leather jacket yesterday, and loved it with my black cotton dress and the coral dress that I bought at the same time. But I am wondering if it is pretty neutral to wear with more outfits.
  2. This is the jacket with the coral dress. Opinions?? The color is kind of off with the lighting.
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    I really like both items but the color combination does not do it for me personally, with black it would look great though IMO
  4. I really like it :cool:
  5. I have a pinky-nude moto jacket too but I tend to wear it with mid-dark neutrals (including a little silver) and in a more mod-urban way.

    I think the jacket itself is great and it looks ok with a lace dress but personally I wouldn't go for a corral or pink, as the impact of the jacket diminishes. Not all neutrals are created equally. Just like black toughens-up outfits, nudes sophisticate. Soft grey blues, olive greens might work if you don't like to wear it with other neutrals.
  6. I have a light pink leather biker jacket and it goes with lots of outfits really well. Makes a real change from traditional black or brown jacket especially for spring/summer evenings when out late and it cools off and want something to gover a light dress/top.
  7. I have a blush/pink leather jacket that I wear with gray and black.

  8. You can wear this with so many outfits! First, I think the jacket is great. Further, the light pink colout combined really well with black, grey, brown and nude. You can combine it with floral prints etc.

    goog luck with the jacket!
  9. Thanks. I am keeping the jacket. I really like it.
  10. Love pink leather - bags, jackets and shoes...
    Do have one pink leather jacket but its not motorcycle style , rather hooded and sporty style ! will post a pic when i get the chance!
  11. I have a biker jacket from muubaa, it is the same one as cheryl cole's. It's extremely versatile but I have to be really careful when I wear it.