Light Petrol Patchwork Stam


Jan 15, 2009
Western Australia
Hi Everyone

You might remember about 2 weeks ago I posted some concerns about purchasing a light petrol Patchwork Stam on ebay. Well, it arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Thanks heaps to Cyndz - a fellow tPF'er who parted with it - I am totally stoked.

I really do like the Patchwork - I hadn't seen one IRL before but when I saw the colour on the bay, I couldn't resist. It's in excellent condition (of course!) and I can't believe my luck.

BTW, I also bought the new MBMJ Sage Faridah during the week and the colours are very similar. The Stam is slightly shinier but otherwise, they are both amazing colours. So now I have 2 different styles of my favourite colour (besides purple!). I am very lucky.

Thanks to everyone who re-assured me about my choice - you were all absolutely right!



PS Will post some modelling shots over the weekend - have to work today and tomorrow!


Sep 18, 2008
Can't wait for pics! I love the PW stam. Think I may get one in Slate in the future...... I'm happy you're not disappointed in the color. Congrats!