LIGHT or DARK color LV bag?

  1. which do you prefer? which do you think goes with everything?

    I want the speedy mini lin in dune. It's lovely.But i already have the ebene. I'm thinking it might be a waste of money if im not be able to use the other one that much. So should i just stick with the ebene? Thanks.
  2. i'd stick with the Ebene, because the Dune looks like it could get dirty easily, and being fabric, it won't be as easy to clean as the canvas or leather
  3. i would stick with the ebene. and use what you were going to spend on the dune, for another LV bag.
  4. If you're concerned about getting dirty, I would avoid the dune. I think that would need to receive delicate use only.

  5. I agree :yes:
  6. I would have to disagree, my antigua is just as easy to clean as canvas. It's not mini lin though, but still fabric. As for the dune, yeah, it will look dirty more quickly, but they even make shoes in this colour, and it's easier to keep a purse clean than shoes.. sort of.
  7. Stick with the Ebene - I can't imagine how difficult it would be keeping the Dune fresh.
  8. I've used Mini Lin in Dune for a while now - I have the Tanger in Dune since 2005.

    I've pretty much abused the bag and have carried it in the rain. The canvas holds up great! It's water-proof and stain/dirt proof, it's actually rather amazing.

  9. Stick with the Ebene :smile:
  10. Mini Lin Dune is not as delicate or easy to dirty as everybody is imagining. :flowers:
  11. I have seen the dune today and it looks great, but I think it would be difficult to keep it clean. And the bag handles are light cream, so I guess they will get dirty easily..I would certainly worry all the time...
  12. Ebene!
  13. Stick with the Ebene!
  14. ITA:yes::yes:!!!
  15. ok thanks everyone.Or may be just use the money another bag.:smile: