Light Magenta '08 and Petal Pink '08 - Too similar to get both?

  1. ....because I did get both and I just can't decide whether to return one or not. I do like both but are the colors too similar?
  2. I'm planning to get both too - I don't think the colors are too similar, but then again, I'm a *pink* person, so asking me to pass on the pink bbags is close to impossible ;)
  3. :roflmfao:You are asking the wrong group ;) we will tell you to get them all! I think they are different enough, did you get them in the same style? I would probably get both colors, different styles.
  4. Well, I am only getting one because I'm not a pink person, but I'm in mad love with Pale Magenta. So, as a non-2-pink-bag-enabler, I ask you this, will you use both bags? Will you find yourself grabbing for one over the other? What style is each and which style do you prefer? How's the leather on each? And if you have pictures of both together, I can give you my opinion on how close the two of yours are in color. I am very methodical about which bbags I will get because I want to use and love them all.
  5. ^Great advice amiekbs8! I've been having a hard time deciding if I want to get both or just one. Initially I thought I loved the BG with GGH. Then I saw real life pics of Pale Magenta and went :love: I believe I would use the PM over the BG. If I got the BG as well I think it would be greed speaking, esp since I do want to get the EB later. But, I just don't want to regret passing the BG up! Any thoughts anyone?
  6. What about something small in BG? That way you will have *something* in a coin purse, wallet or makeup clutch? If you were to get the Le Compagnon wallet you can turn it into a cute clutch like Oulaliscious did here which I found to be super cute! You can do the same with a makeup clutch. I'll use myself as an example: I want both EB and Turquoise but not two bright blue-y bag so I'm getting an EB bag and a Turquoise CP.
  7. ^^^ I agree! lol! I'm gettin both too just in different styles!
  8. i was thinking the same thing. i finally decided to get the bg bag and the pm in a cp or small wallet.
  9. Thanks everyone....Here is the side by side picture of the two....I really do love both of them but I need people to tell me to keep both ( so I don't feel ridiculous!) :smile:
  10. If it were me I would keep both as they are really not that similar. Yes, they are both pink, but really quite different from each other. I have the bubblegum (or petal pink) on the left, and I may have to buy the light majenta as well. Gorgeous!
  11. hey..i love both of yr bag. but i think, since both are the first, u might think of returning one to buy that color in another style.
    frankly, i think this two are very similar. u'd better buy a pale magenta in city or something. :smile:
  12. i like the petal pink/bubblegum. i personally will only keep one.
  13. I have the magenta le city and the pp city. I kept both! I love them and they are both for totally different moods. THey are perfect and I am NOT a pink or pastel person.

    My vote- If you can afford it, keep both.
  14. Hmm, I like the leather on the petal pink more but the color more on the magenta. I know I wouldn't use two pink bags, but if you will, go for it! They're both lovely in their own way!
  15. Is that a photo with flash? It makes the colors look alot more vibrant imo. The shades are different but they are both quite pink to me (the pale magenta has pink undertones to me in some of the other pics posted here) and for me if my common sense prevails, I would end up choosing one over the other because I know I'm not a pink girl, and I know I would use one over the other more. If you are a pink girl, and you love both, and you know you can get equal wear out of both, by all means keep them. But there is not much point keeping a bag that is always kept in storage imho.