Light like a feather, red like a cherry...

  1. At last, here is a pic of my Plume and the trousse Bolide I bought to keep my toiletries in check.

    It was on its first outing today for brunch with gina_b, wong and some friends. I'm gonna miss the girls when they've gone back home :crybaby:
    IMG_0403.jpg IMG_0404.jpg
  2. Great loot Perja!!! Your Plume is absolutely lovely!:love:
  3. oooh la la! Nice! Congrats Perja on your excellent choices!
    What is the red called?
  4. Rouge Vif, what else ;) :sweatdrop: There's none other that steals my heart ;)
  5. Is it true that Rouge Vif is going to be discontinued?? Do you happen to know?
  6. Gorgeous plume! And I have always loved the bolide cosmetic bags -- cute!
  7. I've been told that Rouge Garance is THE red that's coming up and supposedly is the same as Rouge Vif... But there is a definite difference, so I assumed that to mean that Rouge Vif was not going to be as common anymore.
  8. Pretty twillie
  9. Perja ..I love your make up bag where did you get it or was it a SO ?
  10. birkin girl, I bought it at the store, they showed it to me and I just loved the red piping popping up against the black.
  11. OMG!!! I love that makeup bag. Could you list the measurements please?

    And your plume is amazing! Is it chevre?
  12. I'm happy that you got your Rouge VIF! You've been looking for that perfect red and congrats that you got it! It's such a gorgeous bag and the toiletry case is also very practical!
  13. Unfortunatly, the Plume isn't Chevre, which would have made it all the more perfect and I'll post measurements later, I'm ready to go to bed :yes:
  14. ^^Sleep well Perja! I'm going to bed too. I'm tired and cleaned my closet the whole afternoon to bring out my winter stuff.
  15. Pretty!!!! :love: