light grey venetia question

  1. does anyone know if the light grey venetia with gold hardware is included in the Nordstroms 40% off sale? thanks!
  2. I just asked an SA in Oregon at the Washington Square if any venetia besides black was included in the sale and she said that she hadn't seen any. But, you may to call and check around.
  3. thanks for asking kiss! i actually just called the Nordstroms at roosevelt field and the sa said that the light grey venetia was never part of their inventory this year, so it wasnt part of the sale :sad: im so upset. i got my hopes up thinking i was going to be able to get that beautiful bag at a great price.
  4. I hear you tuffcookie! Thats the one I want too....:crybaby:
  5. ^ i think its one of the most wanted bags on tpf!
  6. I love the bag Cameron is carrying so I understand your frustration!
  7. Has anyone seen that bag in stores anywhere (even at full retail)? I haven't seen it anywhere. Is the grey venetia really that rare a species? Does anyone know which stores ordered that particular color to begin with?
  8. Have you tried calling the MJ boutique? That would be the best place to look for one since this is a prior season color that most stores have already cleared from their inventory.
  9. I think Eluxury had it originally but other than them, I think only the MJ boutiques carried this color Venetia. I would recommend calling them too. :yes:
  10. there is one at the nyc mj boutique. i had one of the sa's hold it for me about two to three weeks ago, but didn't end up getting it. i'm sure if you call, they'll still have it.
  11. ^^ so tempting!! how much is it again?
  12. ^ $1050 not including tax.
  13. ^^ i dont have the extra money right now. hopefully when i do, its not completely sold out. i have that type of bad luck, so im keeping my fingers crossed. probably after christmas!