Light Green Bags - Do you wear them?

  1. I'm contemplating getting a lighter coloured bag, either light green or light pink except I'm a bit stuck on what colours light green matches. I don't want to buy something then never use it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. There are so many different shades of green out there. I think a light olive green color would match with lots!
  3. I just got me an Appple Green Balenciaga.

    PICT6282.jpg Clipboard01.jpg

    (The "modelling" pic is kind of crappy but you can get the idea.)

    I am truly in love with the color! It's such great color to wear now - in spring/summer seasons. I find that it goes with everything!

    I totally think you should go for it! Green goes with so much!:tup:

    Oh, and BTW, go for pink as well! Great color to wear with denim and/or whites!:yes:
  4. I have a mint green python clutch I really love. I don't wear it much, but more because it's a clutch than because it's green.
  5. I have a green Marc Jacobs Sophia that I use quite often, esp with just jeans and white or black tshirt (or as modeled by H_addict!).
  6. I have an olive colored Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah (see attached picture- the color is actually called "camouflage").

    I think the color is great- very versatile! I love it.
  7. I have this Smythson Mayfair - they call the colour Pistachio. I love it and always get compliments whenever I take it out.
    my smythson bag.jpg
  8. I love my lime green JC Rasia.
  9. I really like green, I think its a great color and compliments a lot of things. I don't have one at this time but wouldn't mind in the future.
  10. I am dying for a light green bag - specifically, a Balenciaga vert d'eau city! Such a pretty colour, like mint chocolate chip ice cream... I think the colour would go well with so many outfits. Of course it's not going to 'match' per se unless you're wearing other pastel shades but I think it would look good with so many neutral outfits and black and grey...
  11. I love green, and I think it goes with almost anything! The only color I don't like it with is red.
  12. I love my leaf green Tod's. <<

    Goes with the blacks, blues and browns I usually wear with a pretty but not glaring pop of color!
  13. I have an olive/avocado green Chanel that I wear a lot., now, would love a more bright shade of geen....prada and dolce both have great green bags and they are on sale at Saks......
  14. My very first designer bag was a MARC JACOBS Frankie bag in Sage Green, a bag I still own & carry today. I luv the bag and the color is so neutral (it goes w/just about everything). I also used to own a BALENCIAGA Twiggy in Seafoam, but unfortunately, I sold that bag -:sad:

    One bag I have always wanted was a MARC JACOBS, either Stella or Large Multi-Pocket, in Cucumber (from 2003) - it was a gorgeous shade of green and had light pink stitching & lining. The color was HTF when originally released and every now & then, one will pop up on eBay.

    Another great shade of green was Balenciaga's Pistachio - you hardly ever see one of those listed on eBay!
  15. H-Addict, I love your green B-bag. I just decided yesterday that I want that exact one. Where did you get it?