light gray slim carly?

  1. i was going to exchange my medium carly for a large so i called the dept. store tonight. he said they don't have any but they got the slim in. he told me the three colors and one of them was really light gray with black c's and black trim. actually, he said the tag said white, but it didn't look white (or something like that). so i figured light grey. anyway, has anyone seen this bag or know where there is a pic of it?
  2. That's probably something they call black on white (instead of solid black). It looks grayish.
  3. I can't find a picture of it, but it will probably look similar to anything in black sig that doesn't have a black background- the background is coded as "white" but it looks gray because of the black woven into it.

    am I making sense? haha
  4. so, is it like the canvas with the black letters?
  5. nevermind, i know what it is now. thanks a bunch
  6. so i guess the color is called silver/black. that's the one i got today. i had a hard time deciding between that and the khaki/chocolate. i did love the purple lining in the khaki/natural too. but i think i'm more of a black bag kind of girl. anyway, i don't have pics but there is one for sale on eBay right now
  7. I saw this Carly in person yesterday, it has silver hardware!!! I wonder if they're gonna make this color combo in the large carly! I'd be all over that.