Light Gray Deborah PICS -

  1. here's the light gray. This or in black???
    hanging.jpg hanging2.jpg on stove.jpg
  2. ooH!Post a pic wearing it too please!!!
  3. I love the shape!! The outside pocket is gorgeous!! I can't see the color too well, but it's a fabulous bag. Congrats, congrats, CONGRATS!!!
  4. it looks white in the pictures.
  5. it was hard to capture it's true color without it looking white, but the last picture shows it's color the best.
  6. OMG I love this bag! I'm just not a fan of the light grey leather with gold hardware. Personally I would choose black. Let us know what you decide! :smile:
  7. Initially I thought I'd really like the light grey, but after seeing it IRL, I prefer it in black or white.... so go with Black!
  8. Ive seen the grey IRL..Its REALLY NICE
  9. I've never seen the grey IRL but based on your pics, it looks really nice!!
  10. I like it. I don't like the combo of black and gold hardware, unless it's on a quilted style
  11. I love this bag!!! Black is ehh
  12. here's two more against a white shirt - does it show any better?
    gray close.jpg grayclose2.jpg
  13. here's the black from the shelf at Nordie's
  14. I saw this at NM when I saw the white one that I'm obsessing over. I didn't think I would like the gray with gold but it actually is gorgeous in person.
  15. I tried on the light grey and the black, and the light grey had so much more depth, IMO. Such a lovely shade! Enjoy, MessengerBag!!!