Light Gray Coco handle & twillies

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  1. Hi all!

    I just received my light gray coco handle and would like to use a twilly with it to not get the handles dirty...

    has anyone had experience with color tranfer/ color bleeding onto the leather of the handles from twillies?

    It’s my first light colored bag and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to keep it looking perfect ❤️

    Also the interior of the bag is light gray, almost white. Would colored slgs bleed color onto it?

    Thank you!

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  2. No advice on the Twilly but wanted to say what a great color. I hope you can enjoy your bag without stress. Congrats!
  3. The bag is gorgeous by itself. The Twilly ruins it.
  4. NO twilly. Just enjoy the bag. It is meant to transport your belongings, and natural wear and tear will happen.
  5. If you’re careful with it, I don’t think you will have issues with color transfer but the hook might leave a slight dent on the leather after time

    I’m also in the “no twilly” club - it distracts from the the bag itself
  6. Your bag looks great on its own but if you feel that you “need” to put a twilly, perhaps choose something lighter in colour, like the tree of song cw 3 or 5 or something similar.
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  7. thank you, all! it is a beautiful bag on its own... :love:
  8. I like the twilly on the bag. The one in your pic is stunning. No reason you can't alternate with a twilly from time to time, but I wouldn't do it because you are worried about the handles on your bag. Just enjoy it! It's a stunning bag, love the color. :smile:
  9. I love this grey. Has anyone seen it in a small or medium classic flap?
  10. I have no help but this bag is so beautiful :heart:
  11. I personally love the Twilly!
  12. I agree with this. Your bag is stunning!
  13. That twilly is a little too busy for the bag. The bag is beautiful by itself but If you still want to use a twilly why not try a solid light color? That red near a light colored bag would send me into a panic.
  14. I agree with others. No twilly. The bag is gorgeous as is. Enjoy!
  15. I have the same exact bag and though I thought about it, I don’t use a twilly on the handle. Sometimes less is more. :smile: I don’t use the bag very often, but I’ve worn it with dark jeans that I’ve washed many times and didn’t have a problem with color transfer. I would just try to wear it with light colored clothes or clothes that have been washed many times and avoid super crowded places to avoid the bag bumping into others.