light gold bag

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  1. what do you guys think of this bag? i think it's really :love: it's deerskin though...i've never heard of a deerskin bag!

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  2. diana, I love it and think it's gorgeous!
  3. It's gorgeous! I haven't seen that one.

    Sigh. Chanel has so many lovely bags. I want them all. But my wallet says "No!" LOL Let us know if you get it!
  4. Love it! :biggrin:
  5. Very cute. I wonder how it sits under your arm though. Might be too poofy.
  6. wow, i really like that!!
  7. Does anyone have any more information on this bag? I keep getting drawn back to it. Availability? Colors? Price?
  8. Very arbitrary, but the idea of deerskin creeps me out. Lambskin, though, doesn't. Anyway, my own neurotic thing! Nice bag!
  9. I saw it at neiman's - fashion island - this past weekend. It was beautiful in person! The deerskin was soft and squishy. I hear it's supposed to be durable.
  10. Does anyone know if this bag comes in a larger size?
  11. Gorgeous.