Light, Fresh Fragrance...Which One?

  1. I've been enjoying your posts and this is my first one....I'd like a new fragrance ... something light, fresh, maybe a little citrusy. Any ideas?
  2. I'm not a huge citrus fan- but in hot weather I wear Marc Jacobs. It's a light fresh gardenia scent.
  3. :yahoo: And welcome to the forum!!
  4. welcome!

    my favorite light fragrances are fresh sugar and fresh lemon sugar. they're so yummy! d&g light blue is also citrusy and really nice on some people. marc jacobs has some new splashes out this summer. i like the cotton one but it's not citrus-y. :smile: shalimar light is citrus-y vanilla and lighter than the original shalimar (which i's my sig frag) but still definately a perfume.

    good luck!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I definitely want a change from my usual... Chanel No. 5 (even tho I love it).
  6. NOT citrisy...but LOVELY by sarah jessica parker is so light and refreshing...I LOVE IT.
  7. My favorite one currently is 06130 - Yuzu Rouge. Bought it at CO Bigelow in the mall.
  8. I get a lot of compliments when I wear Origins - Spring Fever.
    Also worth checking out Kenzo - Parfum d'Ete and some of Jo Malone's scents.
  9. jo malone nectarine blossom and honey is light and wonderful for summer
  10. My favorite spring/summer scent is Yves Saint Laurent's In Love Again - it is citrusy (grapefruit) but mellows into a soft floral. Also it is very reasonably priced:

    I actually make my own mix of 1/2 In Love Again, 1/2 L'Occitaine Lemon Verbena colgone, add a few drops of orange, lime, and lemon essential oils (because I like the citrus scent even stronger) and put it in a roll on cologne bottle. Peggy
  11. A nice light fragrance that I love is Heart by Garden Botanika.
  12. Thanks for starting this thread. I was just thinking about getting a new light fragrance. I already wear D&G Light Blue, but I would like to try something new.
  13. If you want citrusy, then maybe Jo Malone Grapefruit or maybe one of the Fresh Index perfumes? Those two brands are my favorite for perfumes.
  14. I like Annick Goutal's Eau du Ciel
  15. Jil Sander - Pure, not citrusy but a bestseller when it comes to clean and fresh