Light coloured patent + black Chanel dustbag = Safe?

  1. Do you ladies who own light coloured patent leather bags store yours in the usual black Chanel dustbag? I wonder if it's safe to do so/ will there will be issues of colour transfer from the black?

    I've been storing my blush patent flap in white Balenciaga dustbag just to be safe... but can't help wondering if I'm being too paranoid lol :sweatdrop: :blink:
  2. good question :smile:
  3. I have to comment on this because I have given up on light colored patent leather items.

    I do not know about the black dust covers from Chanel transferring black on white patent - but just to be on the safe side maybe cover the bag with a white or light cover wrap and then use the black dust cover over it.

    It seems every white patent item I have owned (all designer items) have yellowed over time. The items were all purchased in the mid 90's.

    I had a couple of Gucci purses with white patent trim and white patent stacked heels from Gucci and they yellowed.

    The Gucci items were stored in black dust covers - no transfer from the black. But the material of the Gucci and Chanel dust covers are different, not to mention the dyes used.

    Same thing with my Dior that was white patent - it yellowed. It was stored in a white dust cover.

    I finally asked my SA at the Beverly Hills' Dior store. He said he thought the yellow was from the glue that is used - it turns over time and yellows the item - I think it was UV light exposure when the item was being used.

    All I know is never again - but good luck to you!