Light coloured mini lin owners--your experience with jeans?

  1. This message is for anyone who owns mini lin Dune, pink trapeze, grey trapeze, etc...

    What is your experience with jeans' dye rubbing onto the linen fabric??

    I have the pink trapeze PM and love it love it love it but I'm so afraid to use it when I wear jeans. I like carrying the bag on the crook of my arm and I'm scared of jeans dye rubbing onto the pink fabric (because THAT would be BAD!)

    So, for those of you who own light coloured linen bags, have you had jeans' dye rub off onto your bag, and if so what have you done to remove it?

    Is there any way to treat/wash my jeans so that the dye wouldn't rub off onto other fabrics (right now my jeans are in the wash for the second time since I purchased them on Saturday)
  2. So far I have not had any problems with color transfer, but I do not wear super dark jeans.

  3. UGH!! I just noticed my azur has some color transfer from denim on it. I was able to get it out before, but this one is more stubborn. I don't wear super dark jeans either.
  4. I figured that this may be a problem. That is why I sold my azur. Also, that is why I sold my marshmallow bedford.
  5. I am lucky I have not had any problems with my Azur either.
  6. This would be a terrible problem for me, as I love dry / raw denim jeans! :push: It's a good point, I wouldn't have thought of it. Unfortunately I think the dye would be very hard to remove too, though I'd perhaps suggest using a dry Magic Eraser very gently. Or drycleaning, perhaps, after consultation with the drycleaning people.

    ETA: Actually, I've just had a lightbulb come on. I have a Mimco leather bag, navy with white straps, that has some denim indigo transfer onto the white leather. I'll give Magic Eraser a go on that tomorrow, and let you girls know how it goes. It's not linen / mini-lin material I realise, but it's at least perhaps an indication of whether the indigo dye will pick up with ME at all. Plus of course the Dune Mini Lin has that bone coloured leather anyway.. :idea:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. So far my dune mini lin speedy is still looking pretty good ... I really try not to wear it with jeans. If I do wear jeans, I'm always conscious of how I'm holding my bag ... I try to wear a long tunic so that the bag doesn't rub up against my jeans.
  8. Was the color transfer onto the vachetta or the azur canvas? :sweatdrop: I have an azur also and I've gotten a little bit on the vachetta not the canvas. Hopefully I dont have to worry that the canvas will pick up dye too.