Light coloured bayswater worries

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  1. #1 Feb 21, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2014
    My first Mulberry (bought last year) was a raspberry bayswater in glossy goat which I love. However I have never dared use her yet. I look after all my Mulberrys but I don't really baby them, as I want to use them and not just store them away. I have even got them wet a few times, in the rain, and they've survived!

    I was thinking of using my bayswater in the Spring for work, however I'm worried about getting marks e.g. pen on it especially as I share a small office. I almost wish I'd bought a more pratical darker colour. There's a lovely black and brown Mulberry bayswater at my work place. Work is really my only option as I like to be handsfree on a weekend where I use my alexa, bryn or pl messenger.

    Any advice on what to do if I had an accident with ink? Do you think I should try and sell her while she's brand new and not been used? Fiancé doesn't really get my dilemma so thought I'd ask the experts for advice :smile:
  2. I totally get this. It sounds like you would get more practical use out of a different color, and as a brand new bag I bet you could get most of your money back, but the experts on here will know. In any case, sitting unused it is currently of no benefit to you, but I know it can be hard to give it up.

    My bag fear is scuffed corners, and that is why my Pocket Bays is sitting unused and I haven't yet posted photos. It is hard to move forward and use these beautiful bags!
  3. I have a box under my table so I can put my M bag on instead of the floor. This way no one can accidentally do anything to my bag. I also have tissue, wet wipe @ my desk just in case, & I spray my bag once every 6-8 weeks
  4. I carry little sachets of leather wipes, you can get them from M&S.