Light colors too delicate?

Jan 7, 2010
i think i've been on this site all day today! thanks ladies for answering my other questions. I have narrowed it down to a med flap or E W (but dont know dif in size if anyone can tell me).
I want a spring color but worried about getting marks on the beige. Any other color suggestions? I saw a really pretty purple ew on ebay good for spring? should i go for it? bidding is at 1300 how high would you go?


Jan 15, 2007
One can certainly maintain a purse in lighter colors in any leather be it caviar or lambskin by using a product that will repel staining, liquids. For the measurements of all the flaps and reissues, do a search and they should appear. As a medium flap and e/w flap owner, they hold almost the same since the e/w has no inner second flap. Think of e/w as a rectangle and the classic styles closer to square.

One could carry purple any time of year as one could beige. Beige is more versatile, imo. I tend to carry purplen, black and grey in the winter and go to white and brighter colors in the spring/summer --that is more mood and wardrobe related than anything else.

As for price for the purple, you didn't say whether it was lamb or caviar, or if i is the '06 purple, If it's an '06, I'm sticking my neck out saying it's preferred over the '08 purple; plus, in '08 Chanel changed the hardware and the structure; however the back pocket was added. Lambskin is more expensive than caviar when purchased new. You can check here on the price of the current e/w but I think they are now $2195. Back in '06 they were priced around $1150 but then the prices began increasing faster than one can bat your eyelashes. What a fair price is would depend on the condition of the purse being considered (first and foremost), and then how badly one wants to give it a new home.