Light-colored Work, that's not Sahara??

Mar 14, 2006
Bal ladies, I just bought a Sahara work for a very specific purpose. I am very happy with the size, but I was hoping the color was lighter. I don't want a white bag, but this has too much brown it it for me. I was hoping for something more like french vanilla or just milkier.

Do I have any other options with current bags though? The problem is I need to get this bag within the next few days, so online with overnight delivery or from somewhere in NYC (preferably Barneys). It could even be a really light grey. I don't think Bois de Rose would work for me though if it shows the pink.

Is Sahara going to be my only option unless I have time to seek out past season bags?

thanks for any help!!! :flowers::flowers:


Oct 5, 2008
There are colors like 07 Naturel or 07 Ivory from past seasons which you may like. But that would be really hard to find. If you're looking into current seasons, maybe you'd be happy with Nacre that should be out Aug/Sept. It's an off-white color with slight grey or beige undertones, I think.

Pic of Nacre originally posted by circoit in this thread.



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