Light colored BVs - Easy to clean?

  1. Hi everyone -

    I recently took a trip to the BV store in Orange County and now I'm in love with a BV bag. (Actually I fell in love with 3 bags but am currently hunting for a white one)

    I am looking for a white BV and was wondering how well they ward of dirt, discoloration, etc.? Are they easy to clean? I did some research and saw some white used bags on eBay with yellow and black spots and now I'm concerned.

    The one I'm looking at is deerskin if that helps.

    Should I buy the white BV or should I buy a cheaper white bag and look at one of the other two bags I was eyeing?

  2. if it concerns you that the white will stain more easily, which it probably will...then I'd say get a BV in a darker color....

    if you want to go for it, you can try applegarde...I used it on my peach wallet and noticed it did not change or damage the leather, color, or texture in any way. Powderpuff on the Balenciaga subforum has tons of light colored Bal.bags and she uses applegarde stain repellent on all her light bags to great success...She repeatedly sprays periodically to keep her bags clean. you can see from her pics, they seem to all look squeaky clean and not dirty.
  3. Thanks Mintpearl. I'll have to give that a try.

    Has anyone experienced any yellowing on their lighter colored bags?