light brown antic cervo - bowling or E/W satchel?

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  1. which one should i get...? heeeelp!
  2. I like the satchel better! Is it in the Prada store in that color? I haven't seen it online yet - only the bowler. Good luck!
  3. Ooh Bagpunk!

    That's a tough one. They're both gorgeous!!!

    The bowler has the ruching whereas the E/W satchel does *not* correct???

    Can you post a picture of each so we're on the same page?
  4. oh, when i say bowler, i mean the one posted on that earlier thread, the bowling shaped, but not runched, not the gauffre bowler, but the normal antic cervo bowling shaped bag, if that is what you call that shape?
  5. hey pad, i just view the other thread with the photos. YES! those are my choices! the bowling shaped one posted by izitso and the E/W satchel posted by sweetfrock.

    the bowler cervo gauffre you are talking about, is it the kind that Saks has right now in black? if that is the one, i think that shape might be a tad too close to the large gauffre frame bag, which i already have (ref: one pic carried by beyonce and halle barry). don't you think?

    gals? your thoughts?
  6. the bowling shape is the one posted by izitso in that same thread, and you are right, the E/W satchel i am considering is the same one as sweetfrock's


    i noticed today at prada that the bowling has embossed gold lines which i suspect will fade with use. so i am now leaning towards the satchel.

    does anybody know why the satchel is so much more expensive than any other shape of the antic cervo?

    jill? perhaps you know? i am just curious and wondering what i am paying for.
  7. yup. they should hit the prada shelves by now. the tan (naturale) is one colour. the other colour is off-white with greyish antic effect, like that carried by liz hurley in our celebrity thread (hers is bowling patchwork with fringe). but the satchel did not come in this colour, at least not here.
  8. Hi BagPunk,

    I think the satchel may be more expensive because it's such a classic design. This bag will never be out of style - it's not trendy at all. That's my guess.

    Both these bags are *so* different that it's hard for me to choose one over the other. I would lean towards the satchel for sure, that's MY all-time favorite... regarding that bowling shape... well, it's nice, but not as nice as the satchel in my opinion.

    If you want to go for a bowler look, I think the gauffre far outweighs the antic cervo e/w satchel. Or, as I mentioned you could get the gauffre in the antic cervo ruched deerskin - *that's* hot!! I wish I had a pic to show you, but I don't. I saw it in person last week and it's TDF.

    But get what you love. What works for me may not work for you. :yes: Keep us posted on what you decide to do.
  9. heya pad, thanks for your ever so lovely responsiveness. i think i am going with the satchel. there is something about its shape and the slouchiness of the cervo that i find incompatible with the bowling look somehow.

    i would LOOOOOOVE to see the bowler cervo gauffre. is it like the black one they have on Saks' website? the problem is, i have the gauffre nappa frame bag, that is shaped in the general direction of the bowler.
  10. Problem? Shoot! I can take it off your hands!! :roflmfao: Then you can get the new bag!!! :p

    Bagpunk... the bag on the website is the lambskin - isn't it? And the one that's the cervo is deerskin - I think "cervo" means deerskin I read somewhere, maybe on here. So for sizing it is the same size and price as the bowler on NM... here's the link:

    I hope you can see it --- for some odd reason, it doesn't show up in the Prada showcase but I have it in my shopping cart! :nuts: so I just keep gazing at it. So imagine everything is the same as this bag except the color is the same as sweetfrocks - and there's ruching... it's soooo delicious looking I'm telling ya. You will die if you see it in person. Very different... and just kills the other gauffres in the lambskin. And I never thought I'd say that. :borg:

    Please can you show us pix of your prada "frame" gauffre??? I'd love to see it bagpunk!!! You have the best bags girl!!!
  11. here it is. it is time to air it anyway :p

  12. ^ Pretty!!!!!!
  13. thank youuu.... i got it before the grauffre became a rage :p i saw it plastered all over prada's window, sitting on a lap of some extremely pouty girl. called SA and asked about it months before it arrives. they put my name down. i came in november and when i saw it i thought THAT IS LARGE. i almost did not get it. i was soooo conflicted about its size. it is really more of a weekender! i almost bought the E/W gauffre that you own jill... sometimes i wish i had...! but i love this one :p
  14. GOT IT!! :yahoo:

    sweetfrock! i KNOW what youn mean..!