Light blue Work on eBay, seller also has 04 Lilac

  1. wow, that blue work is really nice
  2. It TOTALLY is
  3. i love the blues but i am scared of light colors. i even managed to get my rouille dirty. no light bags for chigirl.

    good luck to whoever bids!
  4. Yeah this work is really nice and the starting price isn't bad for a work either.
  5. i love it!!! i wonder how much it will go for... i dont wanna get my hopes up
  6. It's been slow lately...I bet you could get it under 1250, unless someone goes nuts for it ;)
  7. the lilac one is so pretty...doesn't look as nice as the 'dude' lilac that one of the PFers got recently though.
  8. She is one of the seller's that had her reserve at $2700 because of Dude's.
  9. how old are seller's pix? she says she cant find tassles, but they are in pix.
  10. maybe she was copying from her previous lilac listing - she had the bit about the lost tassels in thee.

    also - is that ice blue or sky blue?
  11. Look like sky blue to me...anyone else?
  12. sky blue i believe, ice blue is almost white, just a bit more cool, like a tint.
  13. Whoa! She has her lilac listed for over 2000 bucks. It doesn't even have a box or extra tassles. I guess that's supposed to be her discount from 2700.:blink: