Light at the end of the tunnel........

  1. Usually in the eBay forum, my threads tend to be 'oh my god what should I do' :cursing: ?

    So in the interests of fair play, and whilst there is a break in this dark cloud, I thought I should share with you my week, which is proving thus far to be good.:yes:

    1. 2 sales on eBay of top-end designer bags to 2 humans :yahoo:
    2. 1 refund received from Royal Mail for lost parcel :wlae:
    3. 1st payment from chargeback buyer (paying by installments) :nuts:

    I'm still pursuing my complaint with paypal, because they are so sh*t that they deserve rattling a bit,:cursing: and the long sarcastic letter are doing me no end of good on the therapy front. :roflmfao:

    I've probably scuppered it now, and it will be down hill again from here!! :shrugs:

    The highs and lows of eBay and paypal!!
  2. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

    j/k...I think the majority of my Ebay transactions have gone smooth, which is why I still buy/sell from there so often. Glad you're seeing such good things!
  3. Aw Fred and Ginger, it's really good of you to post this because I know you've been having a horrid time with that unbelievable charge back, so taking time to redress the balance is just fab. - what a star!
  4. wow, you r lucky! never heard that someone actually repays their chargeback!! congrats and hopefully it will continue like this.
  5. Can I ask how long the refund from Royal mail took? I made a claim beginning of feb and haven't heard anything yet :sad:
  6. It took about 2 weeks, for a lot item sent by recorded delivery.
  7. And my balenciaga planet boobie/pod turned up today, and its not a fake..... :yahoo:

    And its red hot here today....:nuts:

    Things are on the up!!:woohoo:
  8. Good for you F&G! I have had such a string of eBay woes this past few weeks, it's nice to hear it's going well for one of the gals! Hats off to you! I hope it continues!!
  9. Always nice to read happy stories :smile: Keep up the Good Luck :yes:
  10. Woo Hoo :yahoo: good to hear.

    (am loving your house bunny)
  11. Well, thats all great to read, especially after all the crap you have had to deal with lately!

    Congrats to you and I hope for you, many more positives!:yes:
  12. Awww...great F&G!! I am glad to hear things are looking up!!