LIftfusion,,Lipfusion, anyone use it???

  1. Face plumper, lip plumber - only sold in Sephora - quite costly - dying to try both - has anyone done it?
  2. do a search, this came up pretty recently if I remember correctly. . .
    I have Lip Fusion and notice it helps a little, it tingles!
  3. I've tried the lip plumer. It burns like crazy! But the burn only lasts a bit. Have you ever been to It's like the consumer report for everything makeup!
  4. When it comes to lip plumpers, I'm a bit skeptical. I've tried some before (I do have nice-sized lips anyways, but my bottom lip is fuller than my top lip and I wanted to even them out!). Obviously, you're not going to get Angelina Jolie sized lips from this (I wish!). I use Lip Fusion as a gloss since it brings out a nice color from my lips!
  5. Thanks for the tip lordquinny!!!
  6. I went to a function last night and my makeup artist (sometimes, I wear makeup=) brushed lip injection by Two Faced on my lips. I was skeptical, but it really worked! I'm sold.
  7. I have Lip Fusion and it's ...okay. I might switch to the XL, I want more oomph!
  8. hold on, wasnt there a tread on lipfusion here REALLY recently?
  9. I have lipfusion and it is nice. It does give a 'subtle' plump, you can see it and the colours are gorgeous.
    I think the best two lip plumpers I have tried are Pout plump (I have all 6 colours!), and freeze 24/7 which gives the best 'plump' action in my opinion. :flowers:
  10. Isn't freeze 24/7 for wrinkles?
  11. it is not it is you can find reviews on any product as well as message boards ranging from fashion to makeup and haircare, etc. You need to be a member to read all the reviews and participate.

    For me, all lip plumpers give me tiny white bumps around the edge of my lips. An allergic reaction i guess?
  12. I have both lipfusion and lipfusion XL. They do make a slight difference but not enough to ever want to make me buy them again once I run out.
  13. i've tried them both in sephora and wasn't impressed. i have rather full lips anyway but i didn't notice -anything-...barely even tingled. the new victoria's secret lip plumper is a million times better.
  14. I tried DuWop's lip venom and it didn't do anything except burn and make my lips super-glossy. Then I tried TooFaced Lip Injection, which reacted badly and made my skin red around my lip area. Then I tried LipFusion after finding it at ULTA and it rocks! It's glossy, but not TOO glossy, and my lips were noticeably larger over time, and seem to stay that way with minimal application. Also, I got the clear color so I can dip it in my Bare Minerals colors and create my own color. But I am thinking of getting the "bare" color too just to have in my bag. I would definitely give it a try. At Sephora you can always return it.
  15. i have lipfushion...makes me feel nausious....but that is because im not use to the tingling feeliong and its over welming for me..(yes i know im a wimp).....but its gives a minor durastic if you like the not so fake look~