Lifetime's "On the Road with Austin & Santino"

  1. I was wondering I should post, I didn't think anyone was watching. I only saw the first 1 and a half episodes.
  2. i'm watching the one with the rodeo cow girl rider! i just love these 2 designers. they crack me up!!
  3. I so love Austin's personality.. he cracks me up. Watching them work together is hilarious.
  4. the ONLY way it could get any better is if Jay or Tim Gunn popped in!!
  5. omgggggggggg

    "what the difference between 59 sauce and 57 sauce?"

    "bout 4 bucks"

  6. I love this show!!!
  7. They are very cute together, but they need more time. They need to invent a 45 min show.
  8. I've caught a couple episodes and really enjoy them. I didn't watch PR back when they were on the show but I think they both have great personalities.
  9. I could listen to austin talk all day...he cracks me up. I was dying laughing during the episode where they helped the army captain :lolots:
  10. Santino is hilarious on twitter! apparently Austin had a bad accident on one of the episodes and cut himself pretty bad.
  11. ^I didn't hear about that...maybe twitter might be worth it to follow austin & santino
  12. I know they were both winners of their respective seasons of PR.. what seasons were they on?
  13. Santinio wasn't a winner? Was he?? I though he was a runner up the Jay?

    neither was Autin. They were just two really big personalities.

    Yep, check Wikipedia:

    Austin was on the season Jay won: Season 1 and Santino was on Season 2.
  14. ^Oh really? I thought I saw on a commercial or something that they won their season. Ah well, thanks for the info.