Lifetime ~ Why I Wore Lipstick..

  1. Did anyone see this movie last night?

    What did you think?

    I thought it was a tough movie to watch, b/c unfortunately it can happen to ME and YOU! Even though we never think something like this will happen to us!!! My mom is a 16 year Breast Cancer survivor. :yes:
    If not, just an FYI at October is :heart: BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH :heart: ~ so if you haven't donr your monthly breast exam or if you are over 30 - get a mamagram!!!!!

    I have a friend who is 33 and she has just been diagonised with Breast Cancer :crybaby: .
  2. I saw her on the view seems like an amazing story.
  3. I missed it! I wish I had set the dvr.
  4. I didn't see the movie, but I did see that on eBay they have a thing you can click to see sellers who are giving all or part of their proceeds to Breast Cancer Research.

    My timeless and elegant Special and Limited Edition pale pink Keds are on the way - and the seller is donating all of my $19.99 Buy it Now price to the cause! :smile:
  5. I didn't get to see it. But they are playing it again on Sat. So i set my DVR so i don't miss it again.
  6. I wanted to see it-it looked good!
  7. i read the was great..very heart tugging
  8. i watched it on lifetime the other night, it was wonderful i cried through the whole thing.
  9. i ordered the book last week and finally got it today. my sister wanted to read it, but she's not a big reader and didn't want to invest the time in it if it wasn't good...i knock out a book ever 2 days so i offered to read it for her and pass it on if i liked it. i'm about 1/3 of the way through it and this woman is hilarious and brave. i'm definately sending it to her when i'm done.
  10. Im about half way through this movie and I have not stopped crying. It SCARES the hell out of me..its so real, and can happen to anyone. I usually stop reading any articles or watching any thing regarding breast cancer as it scares me that much. (yeah, way to educate myself I know!) if you all get the chance watch this movie. Its so powerful.
  11. Good heavens!! Im exhausted...I cried the entire movie! (time to soak my poor eyes!)
  12. ^ I heard it was great!!!!!!! I missed it!! anyone know if it will play again??
  13. I saw it and liked it. I'm pretty sure it plays several times cause I watched it after the first time they aired it.