Lifetime warranty

  1. Will LV boutiques honor a lifetime warranty on their handbags? Like after a year, and my handbag starts acting up, ie zipper comes off, etc, will they still exchange it for a new one?
  2. LV doesn't offer a lifetime warranty on their items. They will not exchange an item for a new one if the problem is due to normal wear and tear.
  3. ^
    If it's normal wear and tear, no, if it's a defect, yes. Over time most things that would be considered a defect after the first year will be considered wear and tear though.

    Also they will sometimes replace stuff like sunglass covers for free ( I was offered one, but bought pochette lunettes instead =P), even though you sat on it, crushed it in your bag etc etc.
  4. Actually even if it's a defect, the store will not take it back after more than a year. Defects and other problems should go back to the store ASAP.