Life's Lessons As Taught By Skidboot The Dog

  1. If you happened to see Skidboot on Animal Planet, you'll enjoy this.

    Skidboot the Dog - Google Video
  2. My eyes welled up with tears watching that video. What a dog! And he has an owner who appreciates and loves his unique talents. But any pet owner knows how unique each animal is!
  3. I first saw Skidboot on Pet Star and totally fell in love with him and with David Hartwig. I've been following Skidboot's adventures ever since then.

    When I heard Skidboot was going blind?:crybaby:
  4. I know, Prada--so sad. I catch AP now and then, but haven't seen Skidboot. Thanks for sharing this. Geez, my eyes are tearing up again.:sad:
  5. Awww ... that video made me cry .... :crybaby: :crybaby: I have such a huge soft spot for dogs. They truely are wonderful creatures.
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