life with fjord leather?

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  1. As stated in a thread last week, I recently bought a HAC 32 in Maroon Fonce Fjord leather. I have researched as much as possible on this leather but wanted to know any advice or suggestions from people with this letter.
    My other bags are, Clemence, Swift and Ostrich.

    Is Fjord a sturdy leather?
    Any special care needed?
    Is it an all weather bag?
    How is it with scratches?

    Thanks in advance
  2. my understanding is that it wears like iron.............with more water resistant than most except buffalo skipper
  3. I think Fjord is alot like clemance...very sturdy. but no se.
  4. I love fjord - wears VERY well and I have taken it in the rain with no issues (just a quick wipe down). LOVE IT!!!!
  5. It wears like iron and requires no special care. It is one of my favorite leathers. I just love it in MF as well. Wear it with complete abandon!
  6. Is Fjord a sturdy leather? Yes, one of my favorites!

    Any special care needed? Not at anything special than what is suggested for normal leathers

    Is it an all weather bag? i think so, although it's not something I've brought out in the rain a lot; I usually use Togo or Clemence for those occasions

    How is it with scratches? If you bang it against something hard enough it will show scuffing along the corners, but otherwise it's pretty resilient.
  7. ^^^Ditto to all the above, adding that yes, my fjord Bolide has been nearly drenched in big rains and I wipe her down, she dries almost instantly. She doesn't show scratches and she is very sturdy - I, too, LOVE the newer fjord!

    FdeL, how are you finding the weight? Doesn't it seem about the same weight as your other bags?
  8. I love my Fjord Hac and I carry this baby more that any of my other H bags. First it is because the leather is being Fjord. It def. a horse work leather. I can carry her without worrying so much about the weather, or afraid being scratched easily, and for some reason just "no worry feeling".

    There were a few times, I carried her in small rain (coming in and out the store or house), all I have to do is just wipe the water with soft cloth and it the rain didn't effect anything on the leather.

    Special care needed? Well, just yesterday I actually decided to put coach condition lotion on the outer leather. The reason I did this is because there is a project going on inside of the house and I noticed there were quite a bit of dust in the house so I thought my little baby maybe be a little dirty since she has been out more with me lately so I decided to give her a little treat. I gave her a little lotion to clean and condition the outer leather. It was wonderful. The lotion was totally absorbed and the result was superb. The leather looks really clean and looks fantastic. I don't plan to do this often but once a year, I think it is ok if we have for a minor treatment of my Fjord.

    I haven't done this to my other type leather on my H bags though. I have that much confident about the Fjord, when I put that lotion, I know it was not going to hurt my baby.

    How is it with scratches? I don't have the scratches yet..:nogood:

    Hope this helps sweetie! Enjoy your HAC MF Fjord! I am jealous BTW lol.:P:girlsigh:
  9. Can anyone provide a list of colors that are currently available in fjord? TIA!

  10. rouge vif
    vert fonce
    marron fonce
  11. My birkie has a little scuffing in the corners, but I am one of those people who puts my bags on the floor, etc. :s The fjord has proved a little softer than i expected it to be, but orchids has explained before that the newer fjord is not as thick as the older fjord. Still, i am pleased that it maintains its shape very well. I haven't noticed any scratches on the bag so it must be hardy. As for rain, I have only had v. light rain on it and no probs at all - Oh, and little hot tea spillage - in the car. Worst thing about that was me driving on the freeway freaking out & trying to wipe my bag with a tissue, LOL. My bag is gold & when wet it leaves a dark stain which is very scary but this disappears when it dries.
  12. add indigo and rouge H :smile:
  13. I have a one month old fjord gold kelly. It's very sturdy so far, and the shape doesn't seem like it'll soften overtime.

    I noticed a slight scratch on the back panel when I was examining it under the sun the other day. California sun can be very cruel btw. I used my fingers and rubbed it a little bit, and the scratch went away. So I don't think it's scratch-free, but let's just say even scratches aren't very noticeable, or that they go away easily.

    Fjord is not a very juicy leather. Petting my fjord bag isn't as much fun as petting my togo birkin. But it is indeed a work horse leather.
  14. Thanks!!!!! You have all been very helpful. I have to say that I love the size and feel of my bag but I did not want to be over confident about wearing this leather but you guys have made me feel great about my last H bag . . . at least for a while
  15. Fjord is the heaviest leather tho, correct??