Life & Style Readers???

  1. Any Life & Style readers here? In this weeks issue Jan 15,2007 with Angelina Jolie on the cover. On pg. 58 they have the cutest Coach boots:drool: . I want them so bad. The magazine says they can be found at Macy*s on sale for $170 (regular $248) I've called just about every Macy's in S.CA and no luck. I've called the 1-800 number and they have no clue:confused1: . So has anyone seen them? Please let me know. I really want them.

    Description black lurex signature with a fur and beaded trim.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. last time i was at the macys near me, they did have some boots on sale. I can't remember which they were though. I'll be going back soon to exchange a gift...i'll look then.
  3. Thanks Mrsjones.
    If you can get a style # or name would be great.
  4. Also I've called around and they are confusing them to the Laura Lynn boots. They are not patchwork.
  5. I found a pic on eBay. They are called Lizzi
  6. yeah, i've seen those ones. maybe 2 or so weeks ago at macy's here. they're cute, but i don't think many people can pull them off (i saw a girl today with the patchwork ones...yikes).
  7. im sure if u stick with basics it'll be fine
  8. I found out they Macy's in the west coast did not carry them.:crybaby:
    I'll be down in TX next week, hope I can find them there.
  9. we had them here (columbus) but they are gone now.
  10. i went to macys tonight to exchange a wallet: they suck now! there was almost no coach stuff....but they had added alot of that dooney and burke. So needless to say there were no boots. sorry.
  11. It seems like every time they put a price or style in that magazine, they get it wrong. :cursing:
  12. i went to a different mall tonight: they did have those boots. They were $248.00 :sad:
  13. Thanks for your help ladies. I really wanted those boots.
  14. :yahoo: YAY! I'm getting my boots. They had them in NY, so I'll get them in a week.:yes:
  15. Congrats!! Can't wait to see them, you have to take a pic of you wearing them.