Life Span of Vernis?

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  1. Hi all,

    I am considering purchasing the Sarah wallet in vernis, however, I don't know how well it holds up compared to the canvas Sarah wallet.
    I tend to use and abuse my things (shame on me, I know:smile:)

    Any input will be appreciated!
  2. It should last just as long as any other Lv wallet.
  3. it should last, but I would think that it would scratch easier (with keys and other things loose in your wallet), and don't forget about transfer issues - if you have a receipt in your bag, the print could transfer on the outside of the vernis.
  4. I would never buy one in a light colour. They're beautiful but I'd be too worried about colour transfer. I like to be able to toss my wallets into my bags without worrying about them. I think a darker colour would be fine though. Just keep it away from keys to avoid scratches.
  5. I think canvas is the most durable thing ever though, LOL. It always looks new, even years later IME!
  6. Vernis must be kept away from heat. Don't ever leave in a hot car, etc. And, I know I worry more about my Vernis wallet getting scratched when I take it out of my bag or put it inside. I feel more comfortable with my canvas wallets. Just me.
  7. My friend's french wallet in vernis cracked on the sides where you're constantly open and closing, I would ask the SA if the sarah wallet has the same problem, to see if you're going to end up having to re-glaze one day.
    I'd go with the zippy wallet in vernis to avoid cracking problems
  8. Good Advice :smile:
  9. I think it's a cute wallet to have and I think if you take care of it properly, it'll last you a long time. But I also think that the Zippy is cuter and more practical than the Sarah!
  10. Thanks guys for all your input! It's helped me decide to purchase...the ZPC in vernis (since it's small and cute and functional) and the damier ebene Sarah wallet...for now unless I end up changing my mind! :biggrin:
  11. Good choices!