Life span of the CHI flat iron.

  1. I just bought a CHI 2" Turbo iron on eBay from a reputable seller. My cousin has had one for about four years, and I borrowed hers over the holidays when she was visiting. I loved the results. My hair is growing longer and my 5+ year old, cheapo 1" ceramic iron from Sally Beauty Supply isn't cutting it anymore.

    After I bought it, I read online on Folica and Amazon that some people were experiencing problems with their CHI irons crapping out after 6 months to a year or so.

    Has anyone had this problem before with their CHI, or has anyone had a positive, long-life experience with their CHI? I did read that if you store it properly (don't wrap the cord, keep it in a cool, dry, place, etc.) and maintain it well, you shouldn't have any problems. Any input would be appreciated. TIA :nuts:
  2. Chi's are definetly one of the best flat irons out there. I use only Hai's which are pretty similar to Chi's. I have gone through maybe 4 Hai's in the past 6 years....but I'm a hairstylist. My flat irons go through all day daily use. Plus, I've had one stolen and one fell and met it's doom. So technically I've gone through 2 i the past 6 years or so.

    Definitely don't wrap the cord around the iron when it's hot.
  3. Thanks, jenarae. Wrapping the cord around the iron when it's hot is something I'll need to remember with the CHI - I do it now with the iron I have, because I'm always running late or in a hurry :shame:

    I just loved the results I had when I used the CHI. I just flat ironed my hair now with the 1" iron I have, and it looks great, but my hair is getting longer and it's taking quite a bit longer to style. I just hope the iron doesn't die on me after a few months! I'm keeping my old one, just in case ;)
  4. I've had my CHI for about 1 year now and it's still working great.
  5. I just replaced my Chi after 5 years. You most certainly don't want to wrap the cord around it neither hot or cold, because that's what messed mine up. The cord sort of broke, eventually, because I'd always wrap it around the plates. But if it weren't for that, I'm pretty sure I could still use my old one after all those years.
  6. Actually, I bought one in May of 2007, and it just crapped out on me 3 weeks ago. I've never wrapped the cord, or dropped it. After I bought my GHD I hardly even used it. When I dropped and fried my GHD I started using it again. That's when it decided to turn off, never to turn on again. :confused1: Fortunately, I bought it from Folica and they're replacing it. My husband just dropped it off at the post office today. I don't know why it decided to stop working. I considered replacing the cord, there's an online seller that sells them for $10. But it was still under warranty, so I figured it'd be better to get a new one.
  7. I've had my chi for 4 years now...and still working just fine!
  8. I've bought 2 in the past 3 yrs.....not good, so I think if the 2nd breaks I'm going to try a different iron.
  9. I, too, bought a 2" Chi Turbo from a reputable seller from eBay. About a year and half later, I noticed it doesn't get as hot.

    I recently purchased a Solia from and so far it works great.
  10. Thanks for the input, ladies! I am starting to think that it's hit or miss with the CHI. Well, if it lasts only a few months, I will have gotten quite a lot of good hair days out of it :p I wonder if daily use has anything to do with it? I use a flat iron every day, because I hit the gym in the morning and sweat buckets, so I have to shower and style my hair every morning :rolleyes:

    Melissa - What's the Web site that sells the replacement cord? Just in case :p
  11. I bought a Chi from about 6 months ago. It died about 2 weeks ago, and it's not under any type of warranty with It works great, but I will never buy one again.
  12. Hi Christina, hopefully you won't need it, but the website I found that sells parts is .
  13. My stylist also told me that they have a 1 year warranty if anything should happen in the first year of purchase, just keep your receipt.
  14. I still have my Chi. Purchased it 4 years ago and dropped it several times but still works fine. I highly recommend this product.
  15. Glad to hear you've had a positive experience with it! Mine should be arriving today or tomorrow :smile: