Life span of a birkin

  1. This so good to hear as I would like to pass on my Hermes bags to my children someday.
  2. How long do you think Evergrain leather will last if it is used daily?
  3. looks like my birkins could outlive me. :p
  4. Thank you docride!! :smile:
  5. Thats great mikeyta!! i would like to pass my B to my kids too!! :smile:
  6. Hahahahaha!!
  7. Dear doc,
    How about exotic such as Poros and nilo croc and ostrich? Thanks!
  8. Thank u doc
    For sharing ur knowledge n opinion
  9. and how about snake skin?
  10. Doc, you are the ultimate enabler!! :p Thank you for sharing all your knowledge!!
  11. Folks appear to be asking more questions which I do no have the answers to... sorry.

    I can say that ostrich wears very well and if cared for can be expected to do as well as most of the non exotic leathers however,quill bumps are often lost which is the main difference.

    IMO reptile skins need special care to keep them nice enough for generations of use...

    Snake skin being an exception to this. IMO any skin which comes from a reptile which sheds it's skin is delicate by nature and should not be considered to have any real longevity.
    Someone asked about snake skin Birkins which to my knowledge are far from normal I have heard of only one having been made and not an Hermes typically used exotic skin.
  12. Docride, I so treasure your posts. I've learned so much from reading what you've taken the time to write. A huge Thank You!!
  13. Doc, thank you very much for taking efforts to answers and I really learn a lot from you.:hugs:
  14. Hi docride, if we send B bag to spa once every 2-3 years, will the color lighten eventually?
  15. Anybody have any ideas on how long the unlined leather bags should last for? TIA x