Life plays A terrible Joke

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  1. There was a time when DH hated my bag obsession ,but now that he knows I desperately love to own a birkin ,he has agreed to fund my purchase .
    Unfortunately its terrible getting a birkin here in Uk.I have asked for it from my closest store for quite a few months and they are not sure,and everyday i think ,ok today will be THE day but no word.Looks like I will remain birkinless:tdown:
  2. Since you're in the UK, you're relatively close to other H stores in other countries. Just hop on a train and you're there. Go to FSH at opening and you're almost guaranteed a Birkin or Kelly. (atleast from what has been posted in the past)
  3. So sorry to hear that!! How about going to Paris to get one? Seems like you must get some luck over there...

    :hugs: to you, and what a wonderful hubby you have there!
  4. ^^ Uma - It's not terrible, just maybe more difficult than the rest of Europe? After all when you look closer, there are soooo many people carrying birkins (more than kellys) on the streets of London than anywhere else in Europe/USA that I know. Although now that I have learnt a bit about Sofa King, I am sure the things I've seen on the streets are probably questionable. :smile:
  5. Uma, try not to worry too much, I know full well how hard it is for you to get one, I do think that you will end up with a stunning bag.
    Call them and see what they say.
  6. Uma, hop on the Eurostar and get your BBB from Paris. It is what I did and I managed to get exactly what I wanted!!!
  7. Called them and they said they would let me know ...this let me know stuff has been going on for too long I assume.
    To go to paris ,I need a visa ,as I am yet not a citizen of this place and also ,as my hubby being a surgeon ,he cant accompany me at this point top it off he does not want me to buy a second hand bag ........This is really killing me:crybaby:
  8. Oh good luck, I agree to to Paris, maybe for a celebratory weekend? It will happen for you just be patient.
  9. Yes, Paris is a good option! A group of us are going end of Jan, I am sure you will be more than welcome :hugs:
  10. I agree with the crowd, get thee to Paris! :smile:
  11. Oh, what a dilemna. I see we three posted at the same time. Have you considered the reliable resellers?
  12. yes go to Paris, you might get lucky there.. :smile:
  13. I did ,but he said "no" buy a new one ......he says you will get when it has to happen ,if it is meant to happen
  14. ummm :thinking: I think your husband is right, but there is no harm pushing fate along. I would if you, call again in a few days and get on the wait list. It should be opening up in the next few weeks.
  15. will do that but something tells me if i ever get one ,it will def be not from this source