Life Of Ryan

  1. Has anyone watched this show? I personally was turned off by the name (stealing from Life of Brian, and I'm sure many kids won't get the reference).

    Anyone else annoyed by the mom and telling her kids all her divorce issues and making everything so tense?! The kids are going through it too and the last thing they need to see is there mom being all weak and venting to them! That's what girl friends are for...
  2. Yeah, this show makes me sad. He has enough pressure on him as it is with his career as huge as it is so young. On top of that he's supposed to care for his brothers, comfort his mother, and deal with his dad that wants to prance his trashy girlfriend around. I feel bad for him :sad:
  3. I have found myself watching this when nothing else in on...while trying to do my computer work.

    I find him incredibly sweet and endearing. The last show, where he was so torn up by his father's gf telling him he loved him, was painful to watch. He seems like a caring and sensitive kid.
  4. I know! Every week it seems to get more depressing. How has his dad not gone to an event since he was 13? And now all of a sudden the cameras are filming and he wants to go. He sure has a good head on his shoulders and is so mature for how ridiculous his parents act!!
  5. I haven't caught this show yet.
  6. He really does seem like such a down to earth kid despite his fame, etc. Poor guy just wants to be a kid!
  7. I feel bad for him... he really just wants to have a normal life.

    His mom is going through a hard time, and I have no idea how she is feeling, but I am not sure unloading all of her problems on the kids is the right choice either.
  8. I cry everytime :crybaby: and I think the girlfriend looks like his grandma!
  9. I believe this comes on after The Hills, so I've seen all the episodes, and i just want to give the poor kid a hug. He seems to do an excellent job holding is stuff together in the face of all those CRAZY people, and I don't think his mom intends to burden him, I think she's just used to being really close with him (I would imagine she would be if she's been travelling all over the world with him for years). I get the impression that she doesn't realize what she's doing.

    And on a slightly lighter not, is he not HOT??? I know he's like 5 years younger than me, but damn. Kid's got some pretty eyes.
  10. I know! I couldnt believe she was unloading all that crap on him during the party planning episode (havent seen the one where the party takes place yet). But maybe the producers coaxed her into it.
  11. I'd be put in jail at my age for saying he was hot, but he is an absolutely adorable kid and I would be surprised if the girls don't love him.
  12. I haven't watched the show in a while, but this thread reminds me of something that bugged me about the birthday episode.

    I know they are divorced and all, but the dad was a bit of a jerk for having his trashy looking new girl prancing around. I know they aren't a real family anymore, but man, what a stab in the heart for the mom.
  13. Oh and kudos to the mom for actually being civil and what not to the new girlfriend. If I were here I would hate that women with my whole being.
  14. I really have enjoyed this show. He seems really sweet and is a super-cutie. I know the Mom is hurting but she needs to find girlfriends, not her son to bounce things off of all the time. I love how he cares for his little brother, who is just adorable.
  15. He's defintly a CuTiE! He is going through a very rough time and this show probally isn't the best thing for him to be doing but what do i no!