Life just gets better, with TPF!~

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  1. oh you ladies make me cry all the time, but today is just insane. a few days ago i got the heartwarming gift from passerby.

    today, i recieved a card from boxermom.... and :cry: you guessed it! tears! omg and tears of JOY not sorrow!

    i love you all so much, i can't even tell you how happy this place makes me. it sounds INSANE when i read that sentance back to me, but i am having a ROUGH time in life right now, and people in RL do NOT encourage me to feel better the way this place does. i totally love it here and will always be a part of this community. when i'm in a better position financially and otherwise in my life, i hope to be as kind, giving, and lovely as all of you ladies.

    i really do love this place, and everyone in it. thanks so much for being here for me. you all are truely great people, and wonderful friends to have.

    OMG aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand guess what! i WON SOMETHING BECAUSE OF TPF OMG! i've never won anything in my LIFE dude.... i'm SO EXCIIIIIIITEDDDDDDDDD~!

    i am on a current PURSE BAN (so lame) and thanks to all of the ppl that voted for my "confession" of love for this place i am getting an addition to my collection! YAYAYAYAYAY~

    ok so i'm babbling now but here is some pix i took!~ and a pic of the LOVERLY tote i won! omg yay!~



    love for all u ladies!


    my LOVELY CARD!.JPG my inspiration!.JPG Love to my Ladies!.JPG
  2. wondeful!!! :yahoo:
  3. aw, i'm so glad you feel better, and congrats on the win!:flowers:
  4. I am so glad you are feeling better. Boxermom rocks! She is one of our most active members in the sunshine committee!

    Take care :smile:
  5. woaw, great to hear !! Your presents are so lovely.True there are some wonderful ladies and gents here
  6. YEAH! So happy for you!
  7. Yes!!! I'm happy for you!! This is a great net of virtual/web friends that I'm always happy to come back!!
    I'm also glad that you are feeling better!!
  8. YAY!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that you have some stuff to make you smile!
  9. I am so glad to hear your feeling better! :biggrin: The people here are amazing!
  10. Sp happy for you girl!!
  11. :heart: :heart: :heart: Good deal.
  12. congrats! tote looks MAH-Vahlous! :yes:

    You rock it well! :rochard:
  13. That's awesome! I just love this place. Sometimes I wonder how I got along without it just a couple of months ago...
  14. That's wonderful. I am very happy for you!
  15. Very nice!!