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  1. Great collection! I love the pigalles and madame butterfly bootie on you!
    p.s. I love your thread's title.. too funny! :lol:
  2. LOVE the Pigalles!!!!
  3. You have such an amazing collection! Thanks for sharing it with us. Every shoe looks so hot on you! :woohoo:
  4. These piggies are fabulous!!!
    I love your collection!!!
  5. What a great and diverse collection!
  6. thank you ladies for the lovely comments :heart: :flowers: :biggrin:
  7. I'm not TOTALLY sure, but I think that someone else besides me hears the call of the pointy toed CL.....:giggles:
  8. thanks CEC :smile: lol I got the little ones from the bay!
  9. haha I :heart: pointy CLs!
  10. :woohoo::yahoo::tup:
  11. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Very beautiful collection. I love the balance you have between classic, fun and color. I have recently purchased the pigalle spikes in nude, and was wondering how many times have you worn your red pigalle spikes and has ANY of the spikes come off? Please let me know.
  13. hi! thank you for the compliments :flowers: I've worn my spiked pigalles a few times and none of the spikes have come off.
  14. I love your collection and nude Pigalle are always a classic, but always in fashion. I'm new here, that's why i'm commenting it just now.
  15. thank you for your comment Mr. Loub! i’ve actually gotten rid of 7 pairs and really should do an updated collection. i did keep the nude pigalle
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