Life is one big deadline....

  1. Anyone else feel this way?
    I just feel like everything is a deadline...we have hourly deadlines, daily deadlines, weekly deadlines, yearly never ends...

    For example:
    Today I was thinking....well I need to finish this analysis before my 1 PM meeting, and before the end of the day I have to finish this other thing. By Friday I need to have a paper done. This month I have a deadline of finishing part of my masters proposal.....I have a deadline of next June for finishing my masters....a 3 year deadline for finishing my PhD...then a 7 year deadline for obtaining tenure. never ends!!!!!!!!!
  2. Well if you replace the word deadline with goals, it doesnt sound as bad. :smile: Cheer up, it just means you are very determined.
  3. Well said! Then once you meet your goals, you can look back on what you have accomplished!:smile:
  4. Exactly! I have grades due Wednesday, and I have ninety essays to grade, on top of having to plan for my three classes. To keep myself sane, I have vowed to only work two hours beyond when school lets out, but I end up paying at the end of the grading period.

    I should have become a math teacher; math is so cut and dry. I can only take reading so many sophomore essays before I feel like gouging my eyes out (this usually happens after grading the 10th essay.)
  5. LOL day I will be on that end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya...that's the 3 yr deadline LOL

    I know what you mean about deadlines being goals.....sometimes they just seem like deadlines...for some reason when I think goals it should be easier LOL
  6. positive thinking...I like that....:flowers:
  7. Oh do I know how you feel. Every day it is a list and today I just couldn't do anything on it. I just sat there and looked like WTF. Then I went to take a nap. With all of your deadlines and goals make sure to give yourself some QT as well (like tPF)!!!
  8. although I hate deadlines, they push me to do my best in what I do.. I live for deadlines, gives me a sense of accomplishment when I know I got something done to accomplish a goal.. although I am stuck right now on my dissertation, I just kept reading, i know I will finish it soon enough..
  9. The way many of us live life makes it overly-stressful and seem like one big deadline. I try REALLY hard to do things for me everyday... even if it is something simple like go for a walk or sit at Starbucks for 15 minutes rather than go thru the drive-thru. That way I feel a little less chaotic... but I know EXACTLY what you mean!
  10. Plus, I like to live by the rule "Don't sweat the small stuff". Sounds corny but I tell myself that almost daily. Since having kids, life is full of suprises (both good & not so good sometimes) I used to get so stressed out over minor things. Now I just take a deep breath & laugh it off. OK, well most of the time anyway :biggrin: If that doesn't work, I have a bottle of wine in the fridge at all times:tispy:
  11. When I get stressed about deadlines, I think to myself that I shouldn't take today for granted cause you never know what tomorrow will bring and that lots of other people would love to be where I am.
  12. I hear you twiggers. I'm really into writing lists and it helps keep me organized and my sanity intact. Love the feeling of being able to scratch something off your "to do list."