Life is goooood

  1. I've always been a firm believer of faith and prayer (and fate!) Who would have known in God's green earth - that one day, knowing the fact that this beloved bag has been sold out all over - will someday find itself with me. :angel: There was angel who whispered to me that there's still one for me. ;)

    I've been mum about it but the wait is overrrr...

    So here she is.. the answered prayer - presenting.. my XL Ramona Burgundy in Biker Leather. :love:

    She got here last Friday, on a very snowy windy day! Love the smell of the leather. It's so different from the other leathers. Color's bold but not bright - just the way I like it! It's so roomy inside I almost want to dive in! jk!


    Poor photog me - that's a bad glare.


    to be continued...:tup:
  2. Here's my Numero Uno Ms. Mahala showing some love. See how big XL Ramona is?

    Owp, and that's me. [​IMG]

    There you have it. Started 2008 with a bang - with a super fabulous XL Ramona Burgundy in Biker Leather! :heart:
  3. Congratulations! I'm so glad you finally found one! Where did you get it? It's stunning on you! My goodness, it is probably could crawl in! Nothing better than finally finding that elusive bag, is there?? Congrats again!:yahoo:
  4. Wow, Abi, it's HUUUGE! The Mahala looks like a baby compared to it, lol. Congrats on your new beauty.
  5. yey! congrats!!!

    Love the bag - How tall are you?
  6. WOW - Gorgeous bag!! I remember lusting after this when it first came out but they only had one instore and it sold in a matter of seconds. Congratulations.
  7. Congrats!! That is one big beautiful honkin bag!!
  8. oh abi! :love:how wonderful for you....she is a beauty! :girlsigh:
    wear her in the best of health :flowers:and congrats!:woohoo:
  9. Abi - That is a gorgeous bag! Nice and big. The large webbed belt is fab. Congratulations.
  10. Abi, I love the biker leather and the color but even more, I love the webbed belting. Wear it in good health!
  11. CONGRATULAIONS Abi!!! :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:

    First of all, the bag looks fantastic on you as I knew it would! :yes: And I totally love the webbed belting. We had talked about water snake or leather, but the webbed is perfect for the size of the bag! :tup:

    Love what you're wearing with the bag, the burgundy leather looks great with black! All in all a very chic bag and I'm so glad you found one!! :heart:
  12. Bellisimo! Enjoy your new Choo, Abi!
  13. Oh gosh - the pics are so dark! But as always, photos don't do justice to the wonderful colors of Choo's leathers.

    Thanks for the :heart: purseinsanity, Polaremil, Lady chinadoll, VKD, lionlaw, Mick, Jburgh, LLaNeedle and Stinker!:upsidedown:

    One co-worker mentioned "That is the biggest "purse" I have ever seen in my Entire life!" Well, as you saw - it is huge but it's good for me. Some were saying it's my baby bag for Hercules (my pup) :biggrin:. Love the webbed belting too. Love love love the color! I guess this is true love. :girlsigh:

    Her 4-day city tour is done for now. She needs a beauty rest. :queen:
  14. Thanks GyrlLayney! I sure will.. Although my arms could only take so much for several days straight! :lol:
  15. I'm so glad you love it. It doesn't seem too big on you. It looks great. I think because the gathered belt is tighter, it looks smaller on top than a reg Ramona with the belt lengthened.