Life Expectancy/Real Age Test

  1. DH ran across this little test and I thought I'd share it here. It's along the lines of the test you take on, but it's a different website, different version. It's also much, much shorter.

    I took it myself and will confess my scores after a few of you post yours. ;)
  2. Biological Age: 28
    Real Age: 19.7
    Avg Life Expectancy: 74
    My Life Expectancy: 82
  3. Biological Age: 36
    Real Age: 13.4 (should I even be married?)
    My life expectancy: 96.6:wtf:
  4. Biological Age: 18
    Real Age: 12.4 (!)
    Average Life Expectancy: 74
    My Life Expectancy: 79.6

  5. Wow!! Very impressive!
  6. OK, here's mine:

    My actual age: 52

    Real age: 35.6 :yahoo:

    Life expectancy: 92.4

    Guess I must have done, and am doing, something right. :supacool:
  7. Biological Age: 36
    Real Age: 21
    My life expectancy: 89
  8. Biological Age: 17
    Real Age: 33
    Life expectancy: 90
  9. I my 'real' age is 19 years younger than my biological age. My life expectancy is 94 years.
  10. Biological Age: 17
    Real Age: -1.2 (?)
    Life Expectancy: 90
  11. real age 36
    Biological age 16 (!!???)
    expectancy 96
  12. Woah. Some of you guys are either saints or not exactly telling the truth! :roflmfao:
    How can anyone be minus 1.2 years? That would mean that your parents hadn't yet even.......well, you get the idea.
  13. Biological Age: 22
    Real Age: 7.4
    Life Expectancy: 88.6
  14. Biological age: 22
    Real age: 15.2 (lol)
    Average life expectancy: 74
    Your life expectancy: 80.8
  15. :roflmfao: That's what I'm thinking. OR they live on the moon??

    I took the test and I am 2 years younger than my real age. At least Im not a fetus.