Life Changing Songs!

  1. Have you ever listened to a song at a certain time of your life, which has helped you through a difficult time, inspired you to do something amazing or completely explained the way you are feeling?
  2. Mines isnt really life changing.
    But me & Gary split up for a while when we were about 17, & we went to a spring ball at highschool & the song playing was 'Take my breath away' by Berlin & Gary came over to me and said that he couldn't live without me.
    And we got back together:biggrin:
    Gosh we are married now! Feels like sooo long away!

  3. Awww...what a cute thread!!!!

    I know this will sound dumb, but "So Small" by Carrie Underwood really gets to me. It makes me cry everytime I listen to it. And whenever I get mad at something really stupid, I go and listen to it, and it just reminds me to charish every moment you have w/ loved ones instead of fighting w/ them over stupid things. I really take this to heart because I live three hrs. away from my family now, and miss them everyday. (though I do live w/ Dh--my bestfriend who is amazing). So yeah, I love this cheesy country!!!!
  4. Oh, I have this kind of songs too. Songs, because they keep changing! Songs that do to me what 'So Small' does to LAltiero85 (when I feel sad I listen to them, cry and eat lots of chocolate ;)) and songs that make me feel happier when I feel crappy, and songs that make me feel better and more self-confident when I feel insecure.
  5. It's definitely gotta be The Beatles' "Across the Universe". I don't even know if I'm getting the meaning right, but it's always helped me through rough times. Always makes me feel like everything will be okay.
  6. Has anyone heard Martina McBride's "In My Daughter's Eyes" ? So . . .so true!
  7. Ever since I heard Bright Eyes' "Laura Laurent," I haven't been able to get this quote out of my head...

    "You should never be embarassed
    by your trouble with living
    Because it's the ones with the sorest throats
    that have done the most singing"

    isn't that...fantastic? what an amazing sentiment. and amazingly well said.

    that was approximately 6 years ago, and it's still by favorite quote of all time and something that I always think of when I'm experiencing something difficult. I've considered getting the last half of it tattooed across the back of my shoulders.
  8. Part of what I love about music is it's universal nature -- how you can hear a song and just know it's a love song, or about triumph or heartbreak. These songs in particular helped me through a rough winter.

    Weak In The Knees -- Serena Ryder (First time I heard it was a live artists' showcase. I cried.)

    Kimi ni negai wo -- Miyavi The quiet verses, with the powerful chorus, it's just sounds desperate and beautiful.

    Cassis -- Gazette

    Konayuki -- Remioromen My absolute favourite song. Ever.
  9. The song "Home" by Michael Buble reminds me of when I used to work away from SO and we would play it every week when he dropped me at the airport on a Monday morning. It's our song now.
  10. You're in Love and Release Me by Wilson Phillips. Back in college my BF and I broke up and he played You're in Love to me and I played Release Me to him. Well, 10 years later after going our separate ways, marrying others, getting divorced and finding one another again he reminded me about that night we broke up. I had totally blocked it out of my mind (too traumatic) and the fact hat he remembered that night touched something in me. Now when we hear those songs on the radio we both get goosebumps.
  11. I love stories about people getting back together again!

    One song that really chokes me up is James Blunts Goodbye My Lover. I'm not sure if he's very well known in America. Anyway, the song came out at the same time as my brother in law died suddenly, and when it came on the radio the words totally explained how my sister was feeling.

    She played it none stop for months and the song still gets to me now when I hear it.
  12. ruben stuttard " make you feel beautiful" explains how my bf makes me feel everyday
  13. Sorry, my last post didn't make any sense. I was congratulating Rileygirl for getting back together with her college BF.

    The song I mentioned has nothing to do with people getting back together, it's about loss.