Life Changing decsion. need your help

  1. I apologise from the start if this becomes a long thread. I am faced with one of the biggest decsions of my life, and i need some help. Sorry to drag everyone into this but i thought that you guys at least would give me honest opinions.

    Ok here goes.

    I just turned 22 a few days ago... i have been working for approx 2.5 yrs whilst doing my degree in marketing in the evening. In the society that i live in everyone leaves bahrain for univeristy ( states, europe etc) and then after 4-5 years come home start working etc. now i went to sydny when i graduated from high school, but only lasted a year as i was living with my grandparents and couldnt take it.. was too much pressure.

    So i came back started working and studying. I left the bahrain international circuit last year and moved to the cargo field,whilst still servicing the circuit ( we are thier official agents for all events including F1) Anyway so from all my friends i think i am the only one holding down a permenat job. In any case.. i then got an oppurtunity to go to paris and apply for a job within in the motorsports world ( i cant really say where yet as i havent signed) anyway.. the offer came in a few days ago after weeks of waiting. and it is apparently excellent money for the postiion etc...

    Now i told my boss yesterday that i might be leaving, she was relatvivley calm, but then counter offered the offer to me.. she is matching what paris offered me basically.

    now, here in bahrain i live at home, i dont pay rent or any bills expecpt my own ( phone bill, credit card etc) there is no tax. i have a car loan.. she is practically doubling what im earning now..

    but in paris i get taxed have to rent etc. so money wise its a bit more leaning to staying.
    But im thinkign isnt the experince going to outweigh the money? Ive never lived aborad on my own all my friends have and continue to where i was the one that stayed put. i need to make a descion soon. the money being offered to me here is EXCELLENT i mean most ppl would wait 10years to get this sort of money.. but im not sure if the money should be th eonly thing driving me.

    That being said, ive only been to paris once. i dont know ANYONe there i dont speak the language ( although the office said they would get me lessons) i dont know how too look for an apartment etc.

    What would you do? sorry if this is inconseitet but im typing whilst thinking about it so its a bit jumbled. please feel free to ask any qs if it doesnt quite all fit.

    thanks guys..:blink:
  2. oh gosh! thats a TOUGH decision. but you know, i dont think either one would be a bad thing! will your current job allow you to travel every once in while? bc i would be terrified to go to a foreign country where i didnt know anyone or how to speak the language. but i admire ppl willing to take a chance! anyhow, if your brave and unsatisfied where your at now in your life try it! if not, you'll be making more money and paying less bills where you live now! good luck hun! xo
  3. oh, that is a tough one.
  4. Thanks guys. the thing is im not feeling challenged where i am.. i dont really like my job.

    And if i stay i will be able to maybe buy a house or at least get a morgage my bf and i can think more seriously about getting married. but these are things my parents say i can do later. and that the oppurtuinity is to good to pass up. i really dont know what to do..
  5. ok. now i understand.
  6. I don't think anybody can decide for you but.... I left my country for a man (that is not even anymore in my life LOL). At that time, I didn't speak the language, didn't like the culture, miss my family and had to start networking again to get to the same position I had before (still not there, though :mad: but making good progress). I stayed here after the break up, I got a good job, I learnt the language and I'm living here alone (half a world away of my friends a family :sad: ) but it was a learning curve for me: before, I used to live at home, almost no bills to pay (except for my cc) and always planning the next trip.... Now, I have loads of bill to take care of, a cat, a job, responsibilities.... and I feel great!!! You always pay a price for everything, but you have to decide how much are you willing to pay and - most important - what do you want to do.... Money comes and goes, experiences will make you grow & learn...
    Hope this helps... :flowers:
  7. to me it is very important to be happy. but the thing is that you will be moving, earning more but losing more because you will have to pay rent, living expences etc. but you will be happier, right. because you will have the opportunity to have travelled and a new job. now if you stay at home, you will save money but will have to stay in the current position?
  8. is there another position you can get with your current employer that will challenge you more and you will be happy?
  9. either way it will be a tough decision to make that only you can make. you must decide what will be best for you. good luck.
  10. Go. You will never have this opportunity again and the experiences that you will have will be life changing. You have PLENTY of time to live with a boyfriend, get married, have a family and all those responsibilites that come with all of it. Now you are young and your whole life is before you....go to Paris. Experience another way of living....and once you have done that, you can decide whether or not to go back home.

  11. Cece31 i am glad things are working out for you.
  12. Another question you should ask yourself and factor into your decision; will either position open up possibilities for future advancement. Even though the money is the same but output is not, what is the future advantage of each position. hmmmmm!
  13. Thanks :shame: It's not easy but as long as I have a LV shop nearby (and money to do some retail therapy when missing my mum very much, I'll survive :roflmfao: )
  14. :roflmfao: :shame: . hopefully you get to travel back home to visit from time to time. i admire you for staying and toughing it out. i am sure it is not easy, but when you think of what you have accomplished, hopefully that brings smiles.
  15. Thanks guys.

    I know that no one can make the decison for me.. its more of others opnions. ijust need advice thats all.

    I too am in the same situationas you cece- have no bills relatively easy. going to paris is me going in to the real world so to speak.

    Also if i go to paris there is room for growth etc. but i dont knwo if i will stay there long term. bahrain is my home. so my plan is to try it out and if like it stay for 2 yrs and come home. but as most ppl know it never ends up happening like that.

    so i dont know. but i have to make a choice soon as both parties are waiting.