Life begins at 30?

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  1. I turn 30 tomorrow, I feel so old :crybaby:

    I always said I wanted to own a Porsche by the time I was 30 and guess what, I still only have my tiny model 911 Carerra that I must have had for nearly 20 years.

    God, the more I think about it and my lack of life achievements, the scarier it seems.

    On the plus side, my BF is taking me to Venice for the weekend, somewhere i've always wanted to see (though the weather forecast is cold and rainy which is pretty awful).

    Anyway, enough of my self-pity, please share your life begins at 30 stories to inspire me.
  2. hope you have a great birthday and a great trip!
  3. :dothewave:Smile, the 30's are great. NOT old.

    Now for sure you are a women, and this is the time in your life you look to please yourself not others. You have so much life ahead of you to reach all of your goals.

    Take good care of your body and live!:party:

    note: I used YOU a lot here:okay:
  4. Lucky you for owning a 911 Carrera, we´re not gonna pity you for that !!:nogood:
    But for the rest I hear you about life achievements by 30, I am right there ( I am 29 and 6 months) !! I do believe there is a 30 year old crisis for women...
    Man ? Career ? money ? house ? baby ?
    But I also believe the most important in life is to be happy and feel good about yourself...from there you can work on projects.
    Are your expectations/dreams too high maybe ?
  5. I know it sounds trite, but age is just a number. 30 is *so* young - and it's not even a third of your probable lifespan. Sure, you don't own a "big kid" Porsche, but it sounds like you have accomplished many other things; think of all the people *older* than you who haven't gone to another country. Enjoy the weekend with the boyfriend, and rejoice in the fact that you're still young! Happy Birthday!
  6. Woah there, when I said model, I meant toy. This is my Porsche


    "Man ? Career ? money ? house ? baby ? "
    3 out of 5 aint bad, always said I didn't want to have kids, was pretty adamant, but now I don't want to be old and alone...
    I have a pretty decent job even if it does drive me crazy some days but it's not exactly a career.

    I've never known what I really wanted out of life so I guess I can't complain.
  7. Please believe me when I tell you that my 30's were awesome, my 40's were even better.
    There is something so very cool about becoming comfortable in your skin & at peace with yourself, no more of the drama & uncertainty we faced when we were younger.
    And by the way, this will be the time when you figure out what really matters & it's NOT possessions.
    Good luck to you, enjoy your birthday & your awesome trip to Venice!:flowers:

  8. ITA! Couldn't have said it better myself! :tup:
  9. I am convinced physical age is a state of mind. I know wonderful ladies in their late sixties who have the spirit of a teenager, but the experience and knowledge of a mature adult.

    They have helped me realize life and age is what you make of it.

    Happy Birthday to you!
  10. Pish-tosh. Life begins at 60, you are a squalling infant, and I am almost grown-up, so I know more about it.
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
    Thanks everyone, I feel so much better:yahoo:
    (though I do think I might start lying about my age:shame:smile:

  12. ITA, life is MUCH BETTER at/after 30 than in your 20s. I didn't believe this advice on my 30th birthday from one of my over-30 gal pals, but just wait, it's sooo true!:tup::rochard:

    Happy Birthday :party:and have a wonderful time in Venice!! :heart:
  13. I can relate......

    I know that getting older is a scary thing at times, thinking about the inevitable "end" and your expectations/aspiration.....and examining the past with the knowledge you now have. I do think that its a time of reflection and alot of ppl go thru it....mid-life crisis for example...... I think its like growing pains....especially if you've never thought about things in the same depth as now in regards to your actions and thoughts/belief....

    Overall, I like getting older because Im more aware and have alot of experiences under my belt. But I mourn for my aging physical attributes and accomplishments that, like you, I had expected to have by now. Its one of those things, you gain as well as loose something in the process.

    Hope you feel better......(hugs)
  14. I hated turning 30. I was still living with my parents and working and going to school. But now I am done with school and have a better career. I too want a Porsche but haven't gotten one yet. I used to keep a photo of one on my desk at work to motivate me and keep me from wanting to skip school at night. Sometimes I feel ilke a loser though because so many people have accomplished so much by my age. I don't feel 35. I feel like I'm 22 or something because I've only really been supporting myself and living on my own completely for like two years. And I suck at relationships. But age really doesn't mean anything at all.
  15. AudreyII, we all enable each other to get bags, let's inspire each other in other aspects. 30 is closer than I'd like and I don't have the house, kids, or husband yet. But I think I'm probably going to get married at 30, will be finishing grad school, and get a new job so I think it will be a great time.

    Life isn't what we pictured it would be when we are 15 years old. But that doesn't mean it can be great right?