Life and love after the holy grail??

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  1. I have a question: how come after we finally get the bag we have been longing for for quite some time (I just finally got my holy grail the other day...) we start to look for the next? I am beyond thrilled with my new *baby* but now i find myself scouring ebay and looking for a new one to :drool: lust over. I even catch myself and say "you dont need another bag! Just just got the one you have always wanted!"...not out loud of course! lol I have many bags to love, different colors, different sizes, siggy and leather....Anyway, my question for my fellow coachies is this: is it just me or cant we be satisfied?! :confused1:
  2. I posted something similar to this (i'm totally wondering the same thing!!) but it was more along the lines of...being confused after NOT wanting to use anything but ______.

    I haven't had a "holy grail" as of yet, but I have certain items that are favorites and the thought of getting something different is unsettling!

    Enjoy the fact that you have that particular item and maybe the feeling will pass in a few months?? As of right now, your wallet is safe!! :roflmfao:
  3. It's not just you!! I said after I got my Abbey hobos and my XL Lily, that would be it!! But I think I've bought more in the past several months than ever begfore!! I'm loving a lot of the current leather stuff, and I really wish I didn't!! My wallet liked it better when I thought Coach only made old lady bags, lol!

    I think Coachgirl12 hit the nail on the head though.... This forum is SOOO enabling!!
  4. Alatrop, i just read your thread a few minutes ago and you totally had me thinking!!!!!!!!!! I find myself wanting to switch out my bag but then I find myself switching right back to the very same one a few mins later cuz I love that one so much! Its like i have too many bags, too few outfits/days to wear them all...if only there was a way to carry a few at a time and not look nuts! :thinking::happydance:lol
  5. I agree, my husband got mad at me. I didn't even unwrap my Black leather Ali yet during chrismas (my holy grail) and I was already looking on ebay for pictures of it in other colors and other bags. He actually got mad at me saying that I should be satisfied and since it was a gift from him that he was kind of dissapointed that I was doing that. I think this is what TPF allows us to do. If we weren't lusting after other bags all of the time and looking for the latest and greatest stuff then it wouldn't be 1/2 as fun !
  6. Baglady39, ITA!!! We are all enablers!! but i cant help but looove this forum (my wallet says otherwise...) lol
  7. hmmm...true......:upsidedown:

  8. :roflmfao::graucho:

  9. You know what...I feel the SAME way!! I even sometimes get frustrated because I can't even make up my mind which bag to carry...yet I also get irritated when I wear bags that don't seem to measure up to the ones I really love. I will only use a bag for more than a day or two if I LOVE it. But mostly as of late, I feel nothing but stress and confusion on which bag to wear. I also want to wear more than one because I just can't make up my mind on that particular day. I know it sound SO stupid to say that, but it's the honest truth. I even find myself adjusting my wardrobe to fit that particular bag. I'm not even sure some of the bags I have I really love that much...I still have my tattersall satchel sitting here with the tags on it. I want it, but yet I don't really like it that much, so I keep it out in case I decide to return it...but it keeps sitting here. Arrgh...:cursing:

    MY DH has a TON of RL polos, lol. Those are his all shades, and we organize the closets according to colors, lol! He just picks out one from each color block every day, and rotates through the colors during the week, such that he never wears one more than a few times for the whole year. But it's just a very simple rotation process for him, even for those shirts he loves more than others. Gee..why can't I just do that??? :confused1: He thinks I'm nuts to want to carry more than one bag!

  10. I do the same you do too!! I think I may take it one step further (or could we maybe use the word "crazier"?!)...Not only do I coordinate it with my outfit but I coordinate the hardware on the bags as to which jewelry I wear that day!!!!! Nickle hardware=silver or white gold, brass hardware=yellow gold. Yes, I am that nuts...hopefully that kind of craziness isn't genetic or else my kids are screwed! lol:upsidedown: Plleeease tell me someone else here does the same thing or I shall hang my head in shame!!! lol

  11. :roflmfao: Hey, if it's genetic, I inherited it too, lol!! I forgot to mention that I also do the same!! I ended up buying a lot of jewelry just to coordinate with the bags because prior to getting a lot of Coach, all my stuff was either, silver, white gold, or platinum!! Most of my bags have brass hardware. There's not much I can do about my rings except not wear them (which I've done, by the way, lol!), but YES, I absolutely do this as well!!
  12. ohh thank goodness! glad to know im not the only one out there who does this! Whew! *sighs with relief* :roflmfao:

  13. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: At least we know there are at least two of us!! ;)
  14. For me anyway, I think that it is just the search that I love. There is very limited bags that I like, and I have to try them on and look at the them a few times before I buy them. So after I buy the one that I decide I really like the search begins all over again!!
  15. I don't have a holy grail as of yet but I know what you mean! In a span of 2 weeks I got 3 bags! @ I have used already but one is still wrapped up in her box and I still find myself looking at coach, ebay and going to the outlet and of course TPF!! It has gotten so bad that DH even asks me "So have you seen anything new from your friends on that purse website.":roflmfao: