Life after loving Coach... can/do you still carry other brands?

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  1. Last night I went on a search for a new bag... just wanted to try out something different, see what was out.... I looked at all the brands at Saks and Neiman Marcus...and couldn't find ANYTHING that impressed me. I just ended up comparing everything to what I've become accustomed to from Coach. If I thought I liked another bag at first it was ruined upon realizing there weren't enough interior/multifunction pockets... the strap wasn't as comfortable, it didn't fit on my shoulder right, the leather didn't feel as nice, the hardware wasn't as sleek. I honestly couldn't find anything that compared. When I started thinking about this I realized that I don't even carry my bags from other brands anymore, they all annoy me in some way when compared to the Coach bags I love. Plus Coach has such great prices! Has this happened to any of you ladies here? Do you still carry other designers or is it all coach, all the time?
  2. I still like some of the bags at target and some Kate Spade bags but nothing else really.
  3. i have other bags-BR, Browns (holt renfrew house brand- probaby = to Coach) etc but i just cant not carry coach or lv. nothing else feels right anymore
  4. I only have Coach. I have never looked back.. okay, so I have, :p but like you have never found something I like as well.. cheap or expensive.. Coach has my heart!!!! :love:
  5. I only own Coach now because it was :heart: at first sight. I have one bag that I adored from B.C. (before Coach :p) which I keep but never use anymore. I do sometimes find myself drawn to Lucky brand bags but I haven't tried one yet.
  6. I know what you mean. When I try on other bags they just don't feel the same. Even some of the more delicate more expensive bags don't have that Coach feel to them. I do see a MJ in my future though.
  7. I only have 2 other designer bags, a BCBG, Max Azria leather hobo and a Dooney and Bourke round satchel bag. Something about the Coach styles just lures me in, I love them!!! and when I look at some other designers bags they just seem so ugly to me lol....... I couldn't tell you why!!! Coach is VERY affordable compared to others which makes it a plus and its seems like most everything they makes appeals to my taste.
    I am wishing for a gucci bag, But I think b/c the style is so similar to Coach.
  8. I feel guilty if I carry anything else now. I guess I am weird like that!
  9. I have about 3 or 4 non designer purses in my closet but I haven't carried them since I got my first coach. I guess I should donate them to the goodwell. I only carry my coach purses now.
  10. I am crazy about Tano bags, too. So I carry either a Coach or a Tano everyday. (But all my Tano bags get a Coach charm or scarf before we go out hahahaha)
  11. I have one LV and a few non designer leather purses but honestly I always carry my stripe signature tote.
  12. Me and Coach - love at first sight as well! I look at other bags and try to like them but when I compare them to Coach they come up short, I just simply love the style and detailing of Coach, even the straps are gorgeous. No other brand can compare, I don't see myself in anything else now. :smile:

  13. I have Dooney & Bourke, LV and Coach. The LV's that I have ( the Speedy 30, Alma and the Manhattan PM) are attention getters, but when I compare the feel of the bag with Coach, I always reach for Coach. Also, with all the LV fakes out there, I'm kind of turned off of them. I always think that when I carry one of them, everyone will think I'm carrying a fake. Anyway, I'm tired of spending that kind of money on a bag that I don't carry continuously. Coach gets my vote over any other bags.
  14. i just sold off my only other designer, a heart tassle dooney and bourke.
    i miss it, but...i never carried it and i felt like i was neglecting her. :s
    i have a bunch of non-designer that i'm going to sell off on eBay soon to feed my habit. :yes:
  15. Hermes, Chanel and LV.
    I love handbags and I love history, and certain brands have a fabulous history and story behind them. I have loved the allure and the style of Hermes since I was 7 years old, I noticed Chanel when I was a few years older, and then LV and Coach came later. Of those four brands, each fills a different niche in my life and in my interests. There is no problem if one wants to be exclusive to a brand, but it also isn't necessary when there are so many bags out there waiting to be loved!