Lietta's Collection!

  1. Here is my collection (only day time bags):

    Black YSL Rive Gauche
    Dark kaki YSL Oversized Muse
    Nutmeg MIU MIU bow satchel
    Beige BURBERRY'S Manor
    Greige FENDI Spy Bag
    Whiskey CHLOE' Edith with shoulder strap
    White CHLOE' Paddigton
    LV Lockit Vertical
    Camel BALENCIAGA Part Time

    In addition, not in this picture:
    S/S 2007 Engine-red patent FURLA
    S/S 2007 Off white FURLA

  2. love your bags!! :smile: nice collection
  3. Gorgeous bags!!!! Thanks for posting!
  4. lovely! that caramel part time is beautiful.
  5. I love the black bag on the far right. :heart:
  6. What a nice diverse collection. Love the caramel b-bag the black Rive Gauche and that Miu Miu. Which one do you use the most?
  7. Very nice collection!
  8. lovely, well-rounded collection!! :tup:
  9. I love your spy!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lovely collection
  10. Great collection :heart:
  11. Very lovely indeed!!
  12. Great collection- very cute burberry!!
  13. great collection so many lovely pieces.
  14. I LOVE every single one of them!!! I've been wanting a paddy and muse in those exact colors!
  15. Great collection. Very elegant and sophisticated choices. I love the YSLs! How do you like your Rive Gauche? I've been thinking of getting one. And welcome to tPF. :yes: