Lies my SA Told Me ....

  1. I'm a very trusting person by nature, but definitely have determined that SAs have their little white fibs or not quite accurate comments .. here's a couple obvious and one that got caught ..or they were / are just confused... lol what they do to sell a bag .. lets hear yours !!!

    1. Modeling my Geranium Le Tal "Oh that is the colour of Hermes!" rofl

    2. I had told one store manager I wanted the Sunset Blvd. when it came out in Pomme -- I walk into the store .. there it is!! I point to it .. they say "oh we never would have sold it we know you wanted it, we just put it out this morning .. we were going to call you ..." I buy it cause I wanted it of course :smile: ... I stop by another LV later that day tell them the story an SA says "Oh it has been out for 3 days I was helping them unpack them, it was right by the door, right?" LOLOL

    3. General one ... see something kinda rare or new, ask one SA when it was put out, or if its the only one ... you can get all sorts of different answers in one store! "Oh its the only one we just put it out!" ... to "We have 3 or 4 and they've been out since last weekend" ROFL .... try it sometime.

    I find some forget what they tell you and change their answers ROFL
  2. haha Vista, couldnt stop laughing at number two :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. I couldn't believe this one, I dont know what category this would fall in, but I emailed my LV store manager after him not believing my description of the new Vernis colour coming out (Amarante) .. so I sent him the copy of the description of it from the board about it being sort of eggplant colour etc ... I asked him "did you get my email by the way about the new vernis colour?" .. he said no ... but then he said "but its going to be like an eggplant colour......blah blah... LOLOLOL
  4. I think most of the time, they dnt have as much info as we do thanks to tpf , and yes so will do anything to make a sale. Acually I find the LV sa's less agressive in thier selling. ALL sales people tell lies!!!! Im in sales, i have lied.
  5. About Miroir Lockit

    1st It's not happening
    2nd we are not getting it
    3rd if we do get you are #1
    4th we are not getting it (again)

    Turned out they got somewhere between 3-6 and I was about #7 on the list
  6. its the last one...
  7. I guess that's a given sales people are expected to um stretch the truth lol but I can think of times when a for-sure sale was lost for them because of this more than they made a sale from me LOL ... but with LV :
    They aren't on commission, I'm ready to buy, I know what I want, give it to me LOL... I think thats the case for quite a few of us here. Basically treat me reasonbly well and with respect and my purse $$$ wont be wandering off to Chanel Prada, or elsewhere..

    Yeah its the last one ... I guess they figure "its the last one .. at the moment" or today ..
  8. Tina! I couldn't agree less with NuMBEr 4!

    I was at the LV store today and was offered a special order Broadway bag in Monogram Canvas. The SA told me it just came in a few months ago and when I looked at the tag in it - I saw "November 2006". Hmmmmmmmm.

    P.S. The bag looked really nice, however it costs US$250 more than the original Damier Canvas Broadway. I guess you pay extra for uniqueness lol.
  9. shame on them...did you return the grey confident for the black????what happened with that....
  10. Gotta love salespeople... lol
  11. Thanks for asking :smile: Yeah the Grey really wasn't going to work for me - I'm going to Europe in not too long so I'm going to keep my options open ! Instead of them having to bring in another bag for me to look at LOL I'll probably see it on my trip -- or more goodies from the Fall collection.
  12. Lol.
    I remember one SA told my mom that the Charms Cabas was pretty much one of a kind and that she wouldn't be seeing it again. So of course, she got it. Then we were in the store a couple of weeks later and guess what we saw on display (in BOTH colors). :rolleyes:
  13. Just because it was made in November 2006 doesn't mean the SA was lying. Don't forget that items need to be sent out from the factory, may have been displayed in a few stores before it got to YOUR store. Especially since it was an SO, it's possible that in November they put the tag in but the bag wasn't fully finished until December. It's only September now, so it hasn't been that long :shrugs:

    Special orders have a 30% markup. Unfortunately since it's a one-time thing and they're not mass producing these they are more expensive.
  14. I love's the last one....line.

  15. omg Claire, you didn't get the miroir lockit?!?! :wtf: