Lies and Broken Promises

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    I got an email today saying that the special order I placed in May...the one that had a shipping label...the one my credit card was already charged for...the one that I was assured on Sunday had arrived at the HH facility and would be on a UPS truck in 2-3 days.


    "Unfortunately we got news from the factory that they will not be making this bag as they do not have the proper fabrics and hardware."
  2. :tdown: chez - I am so sorry! I so don't understand. Wouldn't they have known this? Was the contents of the shipment a surprise?
  3. Wouldn't they have known in MAY that they didn't have the materials for this bag and therefore would not be making it?!
  4. You know, I would love to be a fly on the wall there. They seem to never know if they have something or not. I ordered my Kitana because they told me they had one in stock, and they were wrong there, too. How could they tell you that it had arrived? I mean, it's either there or it's not!!!
  5. I had nearly the same thing happen to me last year and then 4 months later the bag showed up in their holiday gift guide and I was like :wtf:
  6. They didn't receive a shipment. They said the Chinese factory contacted them. Nothing passes the smell test.
  7. Oh geez. I would be furious! What are you going to do? I saw in the other thread that they won't let you use your gift certificate on a sale item now?? After they f*cked up? It's like Silverman is trying to drive HH into the ground. It's just bizarre.
  8. They assured me a few weeks ago that the bag had been made and was on its way from China. They printed a label and charged my card late July. They told me on Sunday that it was on its way to HH's UPS distribution center and that the label tracking info would be updated as soon as it arrived.

    And today they told me that it was never made.
  9. Logic is my friend. He's my best friend, really, and we don't think any of this makes sense.

    Why did they tell you a shipment arrived when no shipment arrived? They have nothing in stock. I am so....just speechless. Something is just not right. Nothing they tell anyone makes sense, half of it conflicts with something another person told that same person.....I've already jumped ship, but it looks like even the rats may be looking for a way off the ship now.
  10. They want proof that my Fall behind gift certificate said it could be used during a sale and the graphic is missing from my confirmation email.

    They scrubbed the site so the graphic with the details is gone. It's been disappeared from the internet...they scrubbed all the archives.

    I read the terms and conditions still can't be stacked, but it doesn't say that you can't use a GC or store credit during a sale.

    They told me that because it doesn't say that you CAN use a GC, that means you can't.

  11. I also asked last week when the Lookbook merchandise would arrive and they told me 2 months at the most.
  12. And by the way, the terms and conditions webpage says that store credit is good for ONE YEAR. I remember reading on another thread that they told some hotties that that had changed as well. NOT ACCORDING TO THE WEBSITE.
  13. :shocked:

    Oh my God. I can't take it. They scrubbed the website; they're telling you that for some dumbass reason a website would have to say you CAN use a GC in order for you to be able to use it..... I just, I don' No comprendo.

    And what Lookbook merchandise? The LAST lookbook, or did I miss a new one? And I thought someone had been told that from now on all merchandise was made-to-order, so how could they give you ANY arrival date?
  14. Get a freaking screen shot of that page!!!!