lier web site

  1. please all do not think ever to buy from
    they are Chinese :Big liers i sent 195 dollers for fendi


    bag that i loved , after i sent the money i did not recieve my bag also the numebr they gave is wrong
    please guys tell that to all friends .....DON'T trust the new and rare models becuase it is a fake web site .....any body needs all emails i can send to check ..................i love you all
  2. One look at their bags and it's an obvious fake.
  3. Luluq -- these are obvious fakes to seasoned Fendi PFers, next time simplys ask us for help on the Authenticate this Fendi thread, before you send the dough! So sorry this happened! :yes:
  4. Thank you for the information. So sorry that this happened to you.